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We all go through periods where we feel less than creative.

Typically we are either burned out or bored.

Some people have the luxury to wait it out.  But for others creation is part of their livelihood and waiting it out really isn’t an option.

So what to do?

Well, there may be a multitude of things that might work, however, we’ll present 10 that are tried and true according to our research and discussions in the forum.

10 Ways to (re)Charge Creativity

1GO FOR A WALK. Get out of your studio, change your scenery, let the different sights and sounds and smells help clear your head. By far this is the most often suggested solution.



Leave your studio and take ten minutes to read.

Many artists find that this focuses their thoughts to the point that when they return to the studio, they are able to direct their thoughts and energies towards creating.

3. – MAKE SOMETHING ELSE – cook, knit, draw, paint – make something that is different from your main art form.


Tackle that big stash of beads. Organize your stones. Put away all of your tools. Clean up your scrap. Wipe down your bench.

This can result in lots of new energy either from an unfinished project that grabs your attention or a stone that begs to be worked with or just the order of your work area. Sometimes clutter messes with out heads when we don’t realize it.

5 . – SKETCH.

Take a break from the actual creation and instead sketch. It doesn’t matter what you sketch. In fact, sketching in the abstract, such as with a Zentangles kit can be a fantastic way to open up your mind. Check out the link and purchase or just wing it like I do.

However, if the mood is there, sketch design ideas – practical pieces or let your mind go wild and sketch things that are very outside of your normal aesthetic.

You just might discover a new design direction.

6. – BROWSE.

An art gallery, museum, fashion magazine, online photo galleries. No words, just pictures. Just take in the beauty – the colors, the line, shape, forms.  You don’t have to over think anything, just enjoy it.

NOTE: Some artists find browsing in their same medium helpful while others find it disturbing. The caveat here then is KNOW THYSELF. If you are comfortable with browsing other jewelry artists try Facere Gallery, or FLICKR (search jewelry) to let your mind wander.

7. – JUST DO IT.

Just make something.

Something simple and repetitive. Like earwires or coils or jumprings. Something you KNOW you will use later on.  Simply holding your tools and working on something that you don’t have to think too hard about seems to recharge many artists. Plus you’ll have loads of findings when you’re done!


Many artists believe that downtime is necessary.  That this is precisely how your creative energy recharges. By taking a break. So they don’t force it.

Maybe you just need to go about the rest of your life for a few days and don’t give a thought to creating. (that is probably easier said than done!)


Get out a book like John Cogswell’s Creative Stonesetting or a tutorial or some sort of instructions and let someone else be your creative energy or muse.

This can take the pressure off and open you up to creating again.

And finally#10

When all else fails.


‘nough said

There are many other ways to spark creativeness or find a missing muse.

Tell us, what do you do to recharge your creative energy? We’ll take all of the suggestions you offer, combine them with the 10 listed here, and publish them as a download.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!




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  2 Responses to “10 Ways to (re)Charge Creativity”

  1. Take a walk then a nap. Sometimes I just go out and commune with my tortoises and feed them bits of apple. Then feed the box turtles strawberries and worms. It seems to make everyone happy and sleepy.
    I like to make sketches of pieces way beyond my skill set and then I start to make them up out of copper and brass. After I have made a few out of lesser materials I then attempt them out of silver and along the way I sometimes succeed in making something that sort of looks like the original sketch. If not I have been recharged by the process and can get back to the process of making some other pieces from what I have learned from trying to stretch my skills. If not, well back to the tortoise pens.

    • Taking a nap is a GREAT idea! When I have the luxury of taking a nap I always wake up feeling recharged! Pets, even turtles!, have been shown to relax people and evoke feelings of happiness. I can see where that would translate into creative energy if someone has been anxious. Spending time with one’s pets is a great idea.

      The thing I like about sketching beyond my abilities is that I end up thinking the design through, step by step, imagining all of the processes in order and what obstacles might need to be overcome. I tend to like the technical side of creating. 🙂