Dec 032012

Most jewelers I know have one thing in common – a love of stones!                                 

In fact, many of us could quite possibly, and most accurately, be called hoarders!
I began hoarding stones when I came upon Ric Shipmen’s stones. Ric is the lapidary artist behind CR Designs Idaho. Ric is also a jewelry artist. So these are artfully cut stones for jewelry artists, from a jewelry artist. Ric is offering a 30% discount on his stones using the code:

Coupon code is good until midnight on Tuesday the 4th. Go check out the stones now! CR Designs Idaho




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  5 Responses to “Advent 2012 – Day 3”

  1. I don’t why I did it because I have no silver but I just order a couple of stones from him and they are on the way. They have great stones and service too!

    • Ric does a great job all the way around. . . . and you’ll find a use for those stones eventually – at first you can just look at them, pet them, take them for a walk…oh sorry, that is what I’d likely do. I understand not everyone has quite the same attachment to their stones. 😉

  2. Beautiful stones!! Resisting the urge to buy more!! Great deal though!!

  3. Hoarder? Moi? yes… Lovely stones!!!