Dec 012012

Jewelry Artists Network Giveaway Winner!

Barbari - Comment #6 - is our winner!

We’re starting off with a bang!                                                                                         

We’re giving away a $50.00 giftcard to Contenti, Jewelry Making Supply

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post answering the following question:                                                                                         

What is one technique you wish you knew how to do or just knew more about?                                                                                         

Comments will close December 2nd at 11pm eastern time.                                                                                           Leave your answer below and be sure to provide a valid email address.                                                                                         
Good luck!!!                                                                                         




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  39 Responses to “Advent Day 1 – Giveaway! (Winner announced)”

  1. Stone setting and lost wax casting!

  2. So much to learn! Even with a pretty good base in the metalsmithing skills there is always something else that gets the curiosity going and stirs the muse. Enameling, inlay, repousse, chasing and honing all the already learned techniques.

    And then there’s metal clay…..etc

    How can anyone pick just one?

  3. Channel set bezels! All bezels, for that matter, although I’ve managed to put together a couple of simple ones. But the thought of drilling a seat scares me. I just haven’t seen any instructions that I can get my mind around.

  4. Some aspects of jewelry making come more easily than others but lampwork and enameling are two art forms I’m hoping to master. Controlling glass with heat can be challenging and equally satisfying when it works but there’s so much more to learn!

  5. Wire weaving, basic metalsmithing

  6. Enameling. Can all metals be enameled. I also need to know if my small butane torch is adequate for enameling,

  7. I wish I knew more about etching metal!

  8. It would have to be stone setting for me. I can do the simpler stuff like plain bezel settings but I would love to become proficient at the more complicated settings. I would also like to learn lost wax casting.

  9. Like Susan, there’s so much to choose from. The more you learn, the more you realize how far you have to go. I wouldn’t mind learning how to channel set faceted baguettes, since my bench apprenticeship stopped before that point. With that in mind, how to cut really good chatons.

  10. I wish I knew more about cold connections, tap and die, tab settings, etc.

  11. In the coming year I am hoping to begin carving my own waxes and then casting them myself. This is something I have been wanting to learn for a very long time and I have decided it is time to jump in.

  12. Flush setting, enamelling and making boxes and lockers 🙂

  13. The next thing I want to feel more comfortable with is prong setting. Simple but a gap in my knowledge.

  14. Dang, sounds like a bunch of you could come over and I could help you with a lot of those! I really can’t pick one thing I’d like to learn more about, it’s more about tools I’d like to try. CAD rendering – how does a drawing become a thing? I’d love to try that. Laser welding – what a concept! I would LOVE an alternative to soldering bezels! Any welding & forging; steel, iron… ! I’d like to spend more time casting to see why all those wax rings went south. Bad investment? Bad sprueing? Yeah, I think I need to spend more time learning that process before I try carving the wax forms that are in my brain. Oh! and electroplating. I know how to electroform, in copper, but how does that plating work? Boy. Once you start thinking, all kinds of things surface.

  15. Forging! I love the idea of pounding the stuffing out of metal and having it move, bend and conform to my will!! Lol or something like that! 🙂

  16. Chasing!

  17. Enameling, precious metal clay

  18. I want to learn more about chasing and repousse, and forging!

  19. I would love to learn more about repousse and making hinges. I really enjoy lost wax, so anything about that would be awesome, especially if there are lower cost ways of casting molds.

  20. I would like to know more about moving and manipulating metal..using stakes and blocks.

  21. I really wish I knew how to solder gold and silver so that you can’t see a join.

  22. I’m keen to learn about enamelling!

  23. When to tumble before setting and when to tumble after. (which stones and objects can withstand the tumbling)

  24. I wish I knew more about soldering and enameling. I have equipment for both but am a bit intimidated by the “fire” aspect!

    Contenti has great tools and resources; what a great giveaway!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful gift!

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!

  25. Channel setting!

  26. I’d like to learn to solder. I’ve taken a short class, read books, and watched DVDs, but they can’t take the place of a patient teacher and lots of time to practice.

  27. Hmmm, even when you think you know a lot, there’s plenty more to learn. I’m with the rest of the masses that say more advanced bezeling techniques and casting. Casting is my end all, be all…because I’d like to take my art work and love of stamping a few steps further. <3

  28. Some of the more complicated stone setting techniques like channel and pave’ also engraving, ooh and filigree! 🙂

  29. stone setting, wax carving, gold work … and any thing else that I don’t know anything about?

  30. I often wonder how to set precious stones using a gouging tool to form prongs.

  31. Settings, other than bezel settings and enamelling

  32. lots of things to work on.. hinges, flush setting stones, more delicate cloisonne!… practice forging and foldfoming… need more time… need more time

  33. I have been wanting to learn to make multiples using blanking dies, and have also considered learning to cut my own. I missed a class in that a year or so ago, I was sad to miss it.

  34. I wish I knew more about getting a proper polish on things. I would also like to know more about prong and flush settings. There are so many things.

  35. I’d love to learn techniques for creating stylized interpretations from nature….. my ‘thing’ is chasing designs in bronze or silver, then riveting them to background metal for earrings, pendants and bracelets.

  36. Setting of faceted stones, I’m really bad at it!

  37. Soldering. I have all the equipment but it scares me so I haven;t tried it yet.