Dec 042012

I can’t say EXACTLY what’s coming, because, really – isn’t not knowing part of the fun!!????                                   

Yes, come on – it’s FUN! 😉
But it might also be fun to have some little teasers along the way. Soooooo, here are some things that might get you thinking…….
Video – Torch Enameling with Barbara Lewis
Wire Jewelry Inspiration by Dianne Karg Baron
I noticed that Fundametals has new for December, of all things, copper blanks. And that, right on the heels of seeing Barbara Lewis’ video! Funny how things like that happen!                                  
Finally, I’ll leave you with a little present – A most amazing gift to the jewelry making community – A FREE pdf tutprial – Wire to Coils – which is basically a huge schematic sharing how much wire you need, in any various gauge, to make any length coil. It’s truly a mathematical feat condensed into a chart. AND IT IS SO VERY GRACIOUSLY offered FREE by the one and only Perri Jackson. Check it out here And be sure to nose around her site for many other good resources.
Until tomorrow – HAPPY CREATING!




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  2 Responses to “Advent Teaser………”

  1. You all rock. Thank you for going to all this effort and sharing so freely.

  2. Hey! That was a cool little video on enameling, I like that a lot, THANKS!!!!!