Nov 122012

Although I am quite the tool junkie, I certainly don’t own them all. And although a quick change handpiece would be lovely, my current handpiece works quite well so I don’t see an upgrade in my near future.  For anyone else without a quick change, here is a quick tip showing how to use your flexshaft a little quicker.


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Nov 122012

Yes, it IS that time of year!

The holidays are upon us!

This means things like baking and making and shopping and friends and family!


For many of us it also means getting our shops in order, having stock on hand, thinking about any holiday sales – like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  And, speaking of Black Friday – I read an interesting statistic the other day – it claimed that 3 out of 4 Black Friday shoppers were actually buying for THEMSELVES! Who knew!? (do you do this?)

That statistic, combined with conversations on two different groups recently, got me thinking about shopping for ourselves and the wish lists we create.

Here are a couple of questions for you all:

1.Do you shop for yourself during the holiday season????

2. What’s on your list? (personal or business related and can be reality or dream items)

Help us create a gift guide for jewelry artists – leave your answers in the comments below!

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Nov 112012

Another topic that came up recently on the FB page had to do with shaping wire. Specifically someone was asking about marquise shapes. There was a lot of great discussion and there are MANY ways to do this, as with most things, there isn’t ONE right way. Also, different techniques work well for different wire types and intended outcomes – say the different between round wire to make a decorative shape and sheet to make a setting for a marquise stone.

This video shows just one way to go about shaping wire into a marquise.

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Nov 102012

We had a question come up the other day on the Network FB group page about drilling and controlling the drill as you go through the metal. Specifically, how do you keep from slamming through and damaging the piece you are working on. One way to avoid this is to stabilize your drill with your drilling hand. Please see the video for details:

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New Jewelry Making Tutorial – Forged and Fored Leaves

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May 282012

Finally, We have finished a leaf tutorial that we’ve had so many requests for!!

Jewelry Making Tutorial

This tutorial explains in detail how to create a very 3 dimensional leaf with just a few tools. Learn how metal moves in response to the hammer creating areas of work hardness.

Once you learn this, you can use the technique to create other forms. Included in the tutorial is an overview of annealing AND there is a bonus ‘quicky’ leaf tutorial included that requires no annealing – it is all cold worked.

This jewelry making tutorial has over 75 color photos that are clear and walk you through each step demonstrating exactly how the metal is moving. There are 26 pages and as this is an electronic transfer of the pdf file, you will have the ability to enlarge the pages to see the photos very close up.

This is a beginner level tutorial although others will find good information in there as well!

GO check out the tutorial now – Forged and Formed Leaf – Jewelry Making Tutorial on the Metalsmithing Tutorials page

May 132012


Today, because it’s Mother’s Day, we’re going to kick off a string of Giveaways!

The first is a book – Art of Seed Beading by Elizabeth Gourley, Jane Davis, and Ellen Talbot. It’s a hardback copy that came my way and I’ve held on to it even though seed beads aren’t my thing. There are large color photos for each project and it looks like a really nice book. So, rather than let it sit here and collect dust, I’m going to pass it along.

If you’d like to be entered, just leave a comment telling me what you’re doing for Mother’s Day. A winner will be drawn randomly in a few days. We’ll post the winner here and also contact you by email. 🙂