Dec 212012

Winner!!! Winner!!!

#68 – zoraida, who won with her ‘share’ entry – “Here are my facebook pages I shared this post on both – https://www.facebook.com/zoraida.bros and https://www.facebook.com/artzjewlery”
In her other entry Zoraida said: I love tools and books! I do a lot of hammering and I would love hammer with a small head and fine edge like the bordering hammer. My most useful took is probably my square nose pliers. I couldn’t do my wirework withouth them! I’m sharing this post on facebook.


Today is another giveaway, and its kind of a big one. At least to me.


Today is the ‘some of my favorite things’ giveaway. Not to be confused with Oprah’s favorite things, I can’t even begin to compete with the Queen of…well, so many things….BUT, that doesn’t mean this won’t be an awesome cool, knock your socks off giveaway!


So what ARE some of my favorite things?


Well….tools for one –
like hammers – love my hammers.


I use my Peddinghaus bordering hammer ALL the time.


Oh and my lovely little riffler files…..they are perfect for getting into tight spaces.


Rocks are another favorite thing – in any shape or form!


oh and books, definitely books. I love books. 🙂


And there are misc. other little items that make my life in the studio better, like my lovely little retractable sharpie. A silly thing maybe, but oh so nice. And my Xuron shears.


This giveaway will be comprised of a bunch of my favorite things…some, or all, of the above…..maybe some other items as well…..a mystery box chock full of goodies.Who doesn’t like a surprise package of studio stuff?


To enter:
Leave a comment below sharing YOUR favorite studio thing. (whether you own it or use it somewhere else)
For additional entries:
Post a link to this giveaway on your blog or facebook page and then come back here and post a link to your share in the comments below. You may earn an extra entry for each method of sharing.
So in total you have up to 3 entries. 🙂

Entries close December 25th and a winner will be selected randomly. The winner will be announced here on December 26th by way of update to this post as well as an alert post. We will make one attempt to notify the winner, so please ensure your email address is valid and entered correctly. PLEASE check back to see if you are the winner, if we don’t hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another name.

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Dec 192012

I was listening to the radio on my way to DC yesterday and heard of a store that has just cleared out all Christmas items and put up Valentine’s Day items! It’s bad enough that V-Day is (was) 58 days away, but what is worse is that Christmas isn’t even here yet!!!!!!!! It made me think how  many people live always looking at the future. Looking towards things or marking schedules by things yet to come.

I know I do it to a certain extent. I think, “when I get past the holidays then I can work on my basement” – my head is three weeks down the road. Or I’m looking for that next paycheck, or the ‘whatever it may be’.  Sometimes, I realized, I’m not very ‘present’. And then I thought……….”hmmmmm, V-Day is 58 days away, should I be planning jewelry for that NOW so I’m ready THEN.?” I don’t normally plan seasonal collections or design or plan according to holidays, but I am beginning to think that way a little bit . However, that really only compounds my dilemma with living in the present. And it got me thinking of the designers who really DO make it a point to plan for the next season….Christmas, New Years, V-Day, Easter, Wedding Season, graduations, etc. and I wondered,


Or is it really not a ‘problem”?

Does constantly looking forward mean we can’t see where we are now?


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Day 16 Winner Update – –

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Dec 192012

Kim Anderson, if you read this – you are the winner from Day 16 however your email address is getting bounced. Please use the contact tab above to get in touch with us to claim your prize, otherwise we’ll draw a new winner in 48 hours.

Going forward, we’ll announce the winner on the blog and the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or we’ll draw a new name. 🙂 (This is fairly standard across blog giveaways and helps prevent a lot of work on our end trying to track people down)

THANKS for understanding and thanks for entering and reading everyone ! ! !

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Dec 192012

Today (yesterday?) got overlooked due to a crazy wild schedule. (more apologies!)

So we’re going to roll the 18th into the 19th and offer two free tutorials today.

Tube Rivet Tutorial by Janice Fowler – Download now FREE – click ->EXPIRED

And check out these tutorial while you are at it 🙂

Chad Parker’s Basket Setting

How To WireWrap a Briolette

Wire Wrap Woven Pendant – Part 1 and Part 2

Crochet Daisy Drop Earrings


day 18 check back later

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Dec 182012

where running a little behind schedule. Please check back this evening for today post.

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Dec 172012

A free tutorial available today only!

From the design studio of Cynthia Newcomer Daniels, comes this great seed beading tutorial from Cynthia’s “Instant Gratification” line.

Part of Cynthia’s artists statement indicates that she like to work with a large variety of materials, crossing over from one medium to the next. She says: “I believe that the most interesting things happen on the edges, where one craft touches and becomes another.”

I find that to be an extremely intriguing statement and I encourage you to try this tutorial and also look around Cynthia’s websites for more tutorials and inspiration. Even if you’ve never done seed bead work – this may be the start of something really great for you!

DOWNLOAD NOW: Click tutorial title-> EXPIRED

Visit Cynthia and see her Work:
Jewelry Tales


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