Dec 162012

Winner - #32 WINNER – #32:
Kim Anderson says: Love the long dangle earrings in your Victorian Elements tut.

Today’s giveaway comes from Perri Jackson and quite frankly is an AMAZING offering!

Perri has previously given a free tutorial to everyone (THANK YOU!) – it was her Tangled Heart Tutorial. Hopefully you took advantage of that offer. However, if you didn’t, you can enter to win today’s giveaway which is a HUGE tutorial package which will be given FREE to one lucky winner! This package represents over $200.00 dollars in tutorials!!!

To enter, please visit Perri’s Etsy Shop, take a look around and then come back and let us know what your favorite item is in the comments. Entries will be open for 48 hours and the winner will be notified by email so PLEASE make sure you comment with a valid email address so we can contact you and so that Perri can send you the package.

And if you don’t win, please note that Perri has the package on listed in her shop, for a limited time only, for only $47.00 !

comments are now closed. We will pick a winner later today!

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Dec 152012
Ever had the desire to make prongs? How about on a ring?

Then you’ve got to check out this Prong Ring Tutorial from renowned Wire Jewelry Artist Dianne Karg Baron, Wire Wrapture. You can view her other tutorials at Wrapture Tutorials
Dianne has been creating, innovating, and teaching for over 15 years. She has very graciously agreed to share her fabulous Two Tone Prong Ring Tutorial.
Download now: EXPIRED

Download link will be available for 48 hours
Dianne’s websites:
Wrapture Tutorials
Wire Wrapture

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Dec 142012

jewelry making tutorial
Flat is boring. 😉

So today we have a FREE tutorial so you can add some dimension to your metal.
This forging tutorial is offered FREE for 48 hours from Janice Fowler of Doxallo Designs Studio



and keep in mind that this type of forging can be used on various shaped of metal and on single thicknesses of metal to add volume. EXPERIMENT!

Enjoy – and HAPPY CREATING!!!!!!!!!


Tutorial available for 48 hours only!


Dec 132012

Another fabulous tutorial offered by Barrie Edwards – perfect to go along with this weeks giveaway…..
A tutorial on soldering!
Barrie is an extremely talented jewelry artist – you can see her jewelry here:
Windermere Designs
And if that weren’t enough – Barrie is THE force behind the

Frazer Valley Bead Show

The Fraser Valley Bead and Jewelry Show is Western Canada’s Premier Bead and Jewelry Extravaganza, with nearly 50 artists and vendors gather from all over North America to offer the perfect shopping experience for the bead and jewelry fanatic!
You can view the tutorial below or you can click the little arrow in the upper right corner to open the document itself.

Thanks Barrie!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may find it here


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Dec 122012

Many of us have a foredom flexshaft in our studio – or a comparable piece of equipment. However, a lot of us don’t use our flexshafts up to their potential. More than that – even more of us don’t take proper care of our flexshafts. Well, here’s a resource that is just chock full of information:

Foredom Video Library

Oh yea, have fun. See you in a week or so. Don’t get lost in there now, ya’ hear?

And now a little detour. Because I think it helps keep us fresh and can spark creativity – here are some fun, NON-jewelry projects – some are ‘how-tos’ and some are ideas that could be homemade or are just good gift ideas.

I’ve always wanted to make my own soap – and I love coconut scented ANYthing – so this is a win-win
Coconut soap
Another Coconut ‘recipe’ – Lip Balm                     

Not coconut, but equally soothing – a lavender infused healing (heating) bag                     

Another thing I have come to love, especially this time of year is peppermint. I always make peppermint cookies and now I just might have to try this:
Candy Cane Popcorn                     
Easiest DIY cake stand evah!!!
I so totally need one of these. I am sure I can riff on this by combining some other items: boot tray
How to make a stamp for fabric (but why couldn’t you make small ones to use as a stamp for a resist with etching???)

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Dec 112012

#88 Mary Harrington says:                 
I would be a 1, although I have done some welding/soldering many years ago. Feel like an absolute beginner! I would love to win this kit! Thanks for the opportunity!

Today is another giveaway!                 

A basic soldering set up, including:


  • a micro butane torch

  • soldering pick

  • paste flux

  • medium sheet solder

  • soft charcoal block

  • cross clamp tweezer

  • torch striker and flint


We will send instructions to make your own pickle as well as basic soldering instructions.


You will just need to buy butane for the torch. 🙂


While there are other items that you could add, this should get you started or add nicely to your present set up.


To enter, leave a comment below letting us know what your current soldering skill level is – on a scale of 1-10 with one having never soldered to ten being an expert – where would you rank yourself?


Comments will close Wednesday December 12th at 10pm eastern.


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