December a month of Giveaways, Deals, and Discounts

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Nov 302012

We are excited to announce, and invite you to join us in, our first annual Virtual Advent Calendar!


We have teamed up with some amazing artists and businesses to bring you a daily deal by way of an ‘virtual advent calendar’ for the month of December.  We’ll be counting the days until Christmas, but all are welcome to join in! Just like a traditional advent calendar, each day will have a ‘door’ with something special for you!


It may be a free tutorial, a vendor discount, a giveaway, or a link to something fun. Each day is only live for THAT day so be sure to check in every day so that you don’t miss anything!


There will be contributions from…….. Perri Jackson, Gem Resources International, Barrie Edwards of Frazer Valley Bead Show and Windermere Designs, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel,  Jewelry Tales , Fundametals Jewelry Tools and Supplies, and many more!!!!!!!


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Nov 292012

How we use our bench pins is as individual as we are. Some people primarily use the flat side up while some prefer the sloped side. There are those of us who drill and saw and modify our bench pins and those who like them just the way they come out of the box.

Let’s look at first things first – which way do you insert it?


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Stones, Stones, and more Stones!

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Nov 152012

Ric at CR Designs is having a sale – 30% off using code: Couponoffer.

Check out the gorgeous stones Ric cuts!

I’ve purchased many times from Ric and have never been dissatisfied.

Nov 142012

There has been some conversation regarding drilling lately and a couple of quick videos. These prompted several conversations about various drilling topics – one was lubricant.

It might be interesting to see what everyone is using these days. Please mark your choice below and also leave a comment, we’d love to know what you use and why. 🙂


Test, Test, this is only a test

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Nov 132012

From time to time I attempt things in my studio that defy logic or good sense. Sometimes they are a success and other times, well, not so much.

I enjoy the freedom to play in the studio and so when I had a lot of holes to drill in some copper disks, I decided to break the rules and experiment.

From time to time I will share record these tests and share them here. Today’s test has to do with drilling. Take a look.

(In addition, at the end I added some commentary about lubrication and my drilling surfaces. )

I should add that this ‘worked’ only because the stack was round. Had it been another shape it would have been trash!

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