Feb 012014

Websites, online shops, blogs, pinterest – we all love looking at the eye candy that can be found online.  So often I wish I could pick up a piece and turn it over to examine the back – especially on  a brooch or pin. Right?!? What kind of catch was made? What is the pinstem made from, how is it all attached? Is there anything additional decorative on the back?

Well, there is less than a month before the new book by Lorena Angelo is released.

book description:
“The focus of this book is on the side of the brooch that usually isn’t noticed: the reverse. When we encounter an attractive piece of jewelry, our instinct is to admire the front, but when we turn it around, it often reveals a secret. The author lets us in on that secret, typically only shared between the maker and the wearer. Clever brooch makers often adorn the back with items meant to complement the front, or the backside may have a unique, intricate design all its own…….”

I ordered my copy way back in October and can’t wait for it to be delivered!

You can pre-order now through Amazon: Behind the Brooch: A Closer Look at Backs, Catches, and Pin Stems