May 152013

THAT is the topic for today’s artists Synchroblog!

(A synchroblog is a synchronized blogging event. It’s a great way to have fun, learn, and increase your blog traffic.)

We’ve asked a number of artists to blog about a quote or verse or saying that has some meaning to them.

I’m really intrigued to read all of the blogs and bet you are as well so please see the full list of blogs below.


Go! Visit! Read! and Comment!


Please visit these blogs over the next day or two and see what words, quotes, verses, or sayings these artists have to share with us. 🙂


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Apr 302013

As if the Synchroblog wasn’t enough, now we have another opportunity for you!



Every other month, beginning in May, we’re hosting a Design Challenge. There is no need to sign up, nothing to download, no requirement to take part every month. Just follow along and post your entry in the album for that particular month.

The goal is to have fun and stretch your skills! 🙂


NOTE: the challenge is to MAKE something based on the theme – not to upload a photo of previous work. Items submitted should be made FOR the challenge.


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Apr 262013

The Artists Synchroblog


You may be thinking – Huuuuuh? What’s a synchroblog?

(I thought that the first time I was invited to participate in one many years ago!)

A synchroblog is a synchronized blogging event. It’s a great way to have fun, learn, and increase your blog traffic.

Our Synchroblog will include bloggers from around the world working in various mediums. We will all blog about the same topic at the same time on a set schedule.

Here’s a little visual that might help. 🙂


YAY! Fun, right!?

But, wait – there’s a twist. (here is where things get REALLY fun)

Rather than have a straight topic format, we are going to switch it

up with some ‘Pinterest Projects’. We all love Pinterest and there is a LOT of pinning going on, but some of us aren’t parlaying that pinning into process or producing anything with those pins.

The time has come to take action! So every other month, rather than blogging on a topic, we will have a Pinterest Project Party where participants will actually USE a pin (of their choosing) for a project or a meal or a piece of art. SOMEthing. And then blog about it. AND pin it!

And we’ll all link up to each other which will be enormous fun to link-hop and read, but will also increase our exposure. In addition, one blogger’s post will be selected (at random) each month to be featured here on the Network website!

A taste of some general topic ideas that we’ll frame a blogpost/question around:
• Primary influences
• Show Booths and/or Product Packaging

• Branding, Mission/Value Statement, Artist Statement
• Process of creating (solitude, music, morning or night…)
• Paying it forward

We are encouraging artists from ALL mediums (not just jewelry) and non-artists alike to join in. What we share can inspire us ALL!

Several people have expressed interest and I am REALLY hoping that YOU will join in too!

More details: Go here.


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Jan 012013

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! I hope you rang in the new year safely! And I hope you are looking forward to, and planning for, a successful 2013!  If you have a habit of setting resolutions only to feel defeated when life gets in the way of your dreams,  be sure to check back and follow along as we test some proven tips to make permanent changes. We can walk forward together, supporting one another, confiding in one another, and succeeding TOGETHER.

Here at the network we ended the year on a really high, and crazy, note with the Advent Calendar. This was a last minute idea that we ran with. (hint #1 for 2013 – don’t delay – don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today – STOP PROCRASTINATING and don’t let FEAR win). All in all – despite some missed days – the whole thing was a lot of fun and quite a success!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who generously donated!

We gave away a lot really great items -> tutorials and tangibles, discounts, and deals…….and we met a LOT of new friends!  We gave away over 500 free tutorials graciously donated by Barrie Edwards, Perri Jackson, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel, Dianne Karg Baron, and myself; we gave away over $300 in prizes, and we linked to some awesome free items.

Here is a recap:

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Dec 272012

Although Advent is technically over, we have one last giveaway to announce!

Barbara Lewis is giving away one copy of one of her new DVD’s put out by North Light. Barbara, who is known for making Enameling accessible by sharing her knowledge of torch firing enamels and her successful book, now has two new DVDs due for release any day (you can find them on Amazon soon!)

However, one lucky winner will get their choice of one of the DVDs through Barbara!


There is the Torch-Fired enamel basics DVD


The Bracelet torch fired enamel techniques DVD

This giveaway is set up a little differently, you will need to go to Barbara’s blog to participate.
You can find the details here:

Barbara Lewis – Painting with Fire

Go check it out and GOOD LUCK!
Side note: The winner of the “My Favorite things” giveaway will be announced later today. There was a lot of additional tallying to add in the various shares on facebook etc. I’ve almost got everything accounted for!                                                                     

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