Dec 122012

Many of us have a foredom flexshaft in our studio – or a comparable piece of equipment. However, a lot of us don’t use our flexshafts up to their potential. More than that – even more of us don’t take proper care of our flexshafts. Well, here’s a resource that is just chock full of information:

Foredom Video Library

Oh yea, have fun. See you in a week or so. Don’t get lost in there now, ya’ hear?

And now a little detour. Because I think it helps keep us fresh and can spark creativity – here are some fun, NON-jewelry projects – some are ‘how-tos’ and some are ideas that could be homemade or are just good gift ideas.

I’ve always wanted to make my own soap – and I love coconut scented ANYthing – so this is a win-win
Coconut soap
Another Coconut ‘recipe’ – Lip Balm                     

Not coconut, but equally soothing – a lavender infused healing (heating) bag                     

Another thing I have come to love, especially this time of year is peppermint. I always make peppermint cookies and now I just might have to try this:
Candy Cane Popcorn                     
Easiest DIY cake stand evah!!!
I so totally need one of these. I am sure I can riff on this by combining some other items: boot tray
How to make a stamp for fabric (but why couldn’t you make small ones to use as a stamp for a resist with etching???)

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Dec 102012

Today we’ve compiled a list of stone setting “tutorials” for you!

Bezel – stamped and stepped


Another look at flush setting

Tube Setting – a quick look

Another “tube setting” tutorial – not what you think!

Bead Setting


Pure inspiration
Pendant in the making – with Hans

Oh and a few more, different topic –

more cuttle fish casting:

Someone asked about using tap and dies – I located a nice little tutorial which may be found here


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Dec 092012

I stumbled on this fabulous step by step tutorial the other day and thought it would be great to share the link for the Advent Calendar.


This has no expiration date unless the artist – the lovely Catherine Chandler – should move or delete the files.


Cuttlefish (Bone) Casting


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Dec 072012

Our facet-nation with stones continues!
Gem Resources International features quality stones at great prices.

Whether you are looking for faceted stones or cabs, lab grown or natural, Gem Resources has it.

Now offering 30% everything on their website in a special 24 hour flash sale.

Sale starts now, hurry over:

Enter ‘holiday2012’ in comments at check out and the discount will be applied manually prior to order processing.

DEAL IS OVER. Check the Advent Calendar for current deals

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Dec 062012

Today the amazing Perri Jackson is offering us her heart.

Her tangled love heart pendant tutorial that is….

It’s truly a thing of beauty. Perri has created a download page just for you, but just for today…….so hop on over and grab the download. And be sure to check out Perri’s other tutorials.
Perri’s Advent offering:
More from Perri can be seen at her Etsy shop:



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Day 5 – Findings, Tools are More – Oh my!

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Dec 052012

Special for you —  from Fundametals.


Quality tools and unique supplies, fast shipping. We love Jewelry Art and endeavor to assist you in fulfilling your creative dreams. Just for you- Use code day5 for 20% off.
Good for 48 hours from today, 1 use per customer. Sorry does not include the Swanstrom disc cutter and plugs and tutorials.

Ready, Set, Go ! Fundametals

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