Nov 032014

We want to hear from you! This website exists as a resource – Help us grow with YOU in mind.  Please take a few moments to answer the following very brief survey questions.


Nov 292012

How we use our bench pins is as individual as we are. Some people primarily use the flat side up while some prefer the sloped side. There are those of us who drill and saw and modify our bench pins and those who like them just the way they come out of the box.

Let’s look at first things first – which way do you insert it?


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Nov 142012

There has been some conversation regarding drilling lately and a couple of quick videos. These prompted several conversations about various drilling topics – one was lubricant.

It might be interesting to see what everyone is using these days. Please mark your choice below and also leave a comment, we’d love to know what you use and why. 🙂

Nov 122012

Yes, it IS that time of year!

The holidays are upon us!

This means things like baking and making and shopping and friends and family!


For many of us it also means getting our shops in order, having stock on hand, thinking about any holiday sales – like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  And, speaking of Black Friday – I read an interesting statistic the other day – it claimed that 3 out of 4 Black Friday shoppers were actually buying for THEMSELVES! Who knew!? (do you do this?)

That statistic, combined with conversations on two different groups recently, got me thinking about shopping for ourselves and the wish lists we create.

Here are a couple of questions for you all:

1.Do you shop for yourself during the holiday season????

2. What’s on your list? (personal or business related and can be reality or dream items)

Help us create a gift guide for jewelry artists – leave your answers in the comments below!

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May 252011

I was browsing images of the new studio coming along in Margaux Lange’s new house and was completely jealous (and inspired) by her layout. She has a distinct area for many tasks – soldering here, fabricating there, sorting and cutting space…even a ‘resin station’!

Many artists have studio space that allows them at least a couple of different areas where they separate types of work, but some of us more or less do it all on one table, we just push things out of the way.

Well, we want to know what YOU have – answer the poll below and leave more information in the comments if you want – we’d all love to hear about your studio!