Dec 092012

I stumbled on this fabulous step by step tutorial the other day and thought it would be great to share the link for the Advent Calendar.


This has no expiration date unless the artist – the lovely Catherine Chandler – should move or delete the files.


Cuttlefish (Bone) Casting


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Dec 082012

Again, apologies are needed, we’re late!

Hopefully you will accept our apologies (again) and bear with us as we run through the first year of this calendar!!

Today is another educational offering  – perfect for a Saturday – so download the Scenic Pendant Tutorial and find permission to experiment!!

Now get  in your studios and play!


Offered free, today through Monday Dec 10th – From Janice of Doxallo Designs 🙂

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Dec 042012

Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. Other art forms, nature, architecture, clothing, technology, and so much more.
As someone who reads a lot of home design and DIY blogs, I find more and more that the design projects I see immediately inspire jewelry designs. I save many of these posts for the intended project but I also save them as design inspiration.
Many of us seem to experience bouts of ‘design block’, I thought sharing a few of these projects might inspire you to begin seeing jewelry design ideas all around you.
First up is this fabulous drift wood orb.
See tutorial here
It immediately got me thinking about snips of wire, layered and formed in various shapes and dimensions. Straight wires, bendy wires, even heat textured wires.
Another project that could translate into wire is this string art project –
Create a pattern with a jig, wrap the wire around, slide the form off the jig, maybe form it slightly in a dapping block or over a stake, maybe add some beady embellishments….
See the wall decor tutorial here.


I love this wall of frames and right away thought of how popular photo jewelry is……..

Either cut a frame from sheet metal OR, what about tiny frames for doll houses? Either way, very thin clear plastic and a photo sandwiched in between, or a frame with photo and clear resin…….how adorable would that be?
Original post here
This next one is just ONE of many projects using, can you tell what it is…?
it’s plastic spoons! While we may not want to make jewelry from plastic spoons (and I do say MAY not….keep reading…) this project really spoke to me about repetition and pattern and thinking outside the box regarding materials and found objects.
Full details for the spoon mirror may be found here.
These may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but today’s post is hopefully an inspiration to SEE things differently. To look at the things that come our way daily and think about materials, techniques, patterns, texture and give yourself permission to explore and play.
As an added bonus, back to the plastic spoons, here is a tutorial using plastic spoons to make a rose.

Find the tutorial here .
and one that I have been experimenting with is fused plastic bags. I’ve made two pairs of earrings and a few bookmarks.
Check out the fused plastic bag jewelry made by Emily Grace Goodrich
I challenge you to use one of the projects shown here as a bouncing off point for a new design. If you create a piece based on one of these projects come back and leave a comment with link to a photo of your creation!
As always……………HAPPY CREATING !!

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Dec 022012

Day 2 of the Advent Calendar !


There is still time to enter for the giveaway of Day 1 – comments will close later today and then a winner will be drawn at random.


Today it’s instant gratification – we’ve got a great tutorial from Barrie Edwards. Barrie is an extremely talented jewelry artist – you can see her jewelry here:


Windermere Designs


And if that weren’t enough – Barrie is THE force behind the

Frazer Valley Bead Show

The Fraser Valley Bead and Jewelry Show is Western Canada’s Premier Bead and Jewelry Extravaganza, with nearly 50 artists and vendors gather from all over North America to offer the perfect shopping experience for the bead and jewelry fanatic!


And today, Barrie is offering a great tip for PERFECT Headpins. And you might be surprised by the technique. It’s really a great idea.




Get the tutorial – DOWNLOAD now (will open a pdf document in a new window)

Deal is over! Check every day in December for more deals, discounts, and free stuff!

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New Jewelry Making Tutorial – Forged and Fored Leaves

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May 282012

Finally, We have finished a leaf tutorial that we’ve had so many requests for!!

Jewelry Making Tutorial

This tutorial explains in detail how to create a very 3 dimensional leaf with just a few tools. Learn how metal moves in response to the hammer creating areas of work hardness.

Once you learn this, you can use the technique to create other forms. Included in the tutorial is an overview of annealing AND there is a bonus ‘quicky’ leaf tutorial included that requires no annealing – it is all cold worked.

This jewelry making tutorial has over 75 color photos that are clear and walk you through each step demonstrating exactly how the metal is moving. There are 26 pages and as this is an electronic transfer of the pdf file, you will have the ability to enlarge the pages to see the photos very close up.

This is a beginner level tutorial although others will find good information in there as well!

GO check out the tutorial now – Forged and Formed Leaf – Jewelry Making Tutorial on the Metalsmithing Tutorials page


To oxidize or not (poll)

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Jan 052011

We want to help you gain information through the use of polls and surveys.

We have many burning questions and while some may at first seem a mere curiosity, the answers to the polls, while not scientific, may offer food for thought.

You may decide that strong numbers indicate a position that should be adopted OR it may inspire you to go against the grain……..that is up to you. The idea is simply to put some information out there.

We’d love to hear your ideas for polls, so please feel free to use the “Contact Us!” tab (look up and left for the tab) and let us know what questions or situations you’d like to see posed here !

Here is the first poll which was prompted as I was browsing around the net yesterday:

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