Help! I’ve lost it!

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Jan 192015

We’ve all lost it before.

No matter how ‘with it’ we think we are – there are times when we’re moving so fast and we have so much going on that we just lose it.


Come on – you’ve had it happen – you’re scrolling through facebook and you see a really interesting link to a tutorial or website but you don’t have time to click right then and read/watch. When you try to find it later – no luck…’ve lost it!

Well, no more!

I have the answer for you – and it’s right at your finger, errr, mouse?tip. 🙂

Watch the video to use this overlooked Facebook tool.

Jan 062015

Seems like many of us struggle with social media. We know we need to use it to enhance our business and many of us use at least one platform for personal enhancement as well. 😉 And MANY of us also feel overwhelmed at times.

Which ones to use, how to use them, pros, cons and how do we stop getting a bajillion alerts every day (hour?) (minute?)?

We’ll share some of our tips and maybe answer some questions, so please take a look at our first video about Facebook notifications and then comment below with any questions you may have.



Pricing your work

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Oct 022014


Pricing is a struggle for so many artists.

Am I charging enough? Am I covering my costs? How do I set wholesale prices?

There are tons of different ways to calculate prices. And lots of debate over which one is ‘best’.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of jewelers – professional, hobby, retail locations, studio jewelers, etc – and have discovered there is a lot we may be missing when calculating our costs and pricing.

Are you 100% confident you are covering ALL of your costs?

We’ve discovered that many artists THINK they are, but in reality – they are not. And a business that doesn’t cover costs is not sustainable.

Besides the ‘obvious’  – materials costs and your time/wage – what else should be included?

What about overhead? How do you determine that?

Are you accounting for all of the ‘consumables’ that you use ? (What ARE consumables anyway??)

What about marketing, business supplies….?

Let’s face it, you use a LOT of items to bring a piece from design idea to handing it over to a client.

We’ve got several posts coming out that will walk you through some of this – but the best thing we’ve done is created a workbook to help you document and calculate your overhead, set your prices, and track your inventory.

After reviewing all of the information from various artists and galleries, we’ve selected 4 formulas that lend well to wholesale and retail pricing which will alleviate any guesswork and help to ensure integrity in your pricing structure and make certain that your business is profitable and sustainable. This is a comprehensive workbook based on methods that have been proven successful by numerous jewelers.

One free edit is included with each purchase so if you need a line item that isn’t there or have some other change that you need assistance with – we’ll help you out with that.

Offered at an introductory price on Etsy for a short time.


And stay tuned for the rest of our pricing series!

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May 272014
I ran across this cool little item a while back and put it on my Amazon wishlist. When I needed to order a few things the other day, I popped this little cutey into my cart. 🙂
I love a tool that does double duty and this little Xyron sticker maker has such potential, it was a great score at just 8 bucks !
This cool little tool takes your item – a drawing, cut out, picture, and turns it into a sticker. You feed it in one end….


Pull it out the other end


 Lift to tear it off on the serrated edge
 Then rub to ‘set’ the glue


 Cut and peel off the top plastic




And you are left with a STICKER!



Peel off the sticker whenever you’re ready to use it



And they stick pretty good!




you can’t go wider than the opening, but you can go smaller



Hello little cutie-pie!



 And you can go lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnger.


Now, these examples aren’t exciting.

Not at all.

But think of what you can do – appreciation stickers in the packages you send your customers, logo stickers, food labels, stickers for your kids, stickers OF your kids — or their drawings for Grandma !

Annnnnd, dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnnnn – in your studio – use them as piercing guides – any design !

Create the sticker, attach to your metal, and pierce away!

I am sure I will come up with other uses too…..what about you – what can you think of???

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Holy Lamination! What a deal!

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Nov 232013

If you enjoy etching but have trouble with resists coming off  (and who hasn’t been there – right?)

Markers and paint pens and stickers – dissolving, peeling, and flaking – oh my!  It’s enough to bring a metalsmith to their knees !

Well, the wonderful Dana Evans gave some GREAT instructions in her article in Art Jewelry Magazine as well as on her blog. One thing Dana talks about is her use of a laminator to adhere PNP to her metal and just today Dana has shared that the laminator is on sale at Amazon! Its over 50% off – QUITE a steal! So don’t hesitate – head on over and pick one up ! ( I am!)

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Oct 252013






I’m crazy about texture and I use my hammer handpiece a LOT. But I’ve been a texture girl from WAY back, long prior to owning my hammer handpiece. There is a lot you can do by hand with various stamps, chasing tools, makeshift items you have at home, etc.

I did a quick video to show you one alternative using two simple tools (a hammer and a scribe!)

Enjoy !

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