Help! I’ve lost it!

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Jan 192015

We’ve all lost it before.

No matter how ‘with it’ we think we are – there are times when we’re moving so fast and we have so much going on that we just lose it.


Come on – you’ve had it happen – you’re scrolling through facebook and you see a really interesting link to a tutorial or website but you don’t have time to click right then and read/watch. When you try to find it later – no luck…’ve lost it!

Well, no more!

I have the answer for you – and it’s right at your finger, errr, mouse?tip. 🙂

Watch the video to use this overlooked Facebook tool.

Jan 062015

Seems like many of us struggle with social media. We know we need to use it to enhance our business and many of us use at least one platform for personal enhancement as well. 😉 And MANY of us also feel overwhelmed at times.

Which ones to use, how to use them, pros, cons and how do we stop getting a bajillion alerts every day (hour?) (minute?)?

We’ll share some of our tips and maybe answer some questions, so please take a look at our first video about Facebook notifications and then comment below with any questions you may have.


Oct 252013






I’m crazy about texture and I use my hammer handpiece a LOT. But I’ve been a texture girl from WAY back, long prior to owning my hammer handpiece. There is a lot you can do by hand with various stamps, chasing tools, makeshift items you have at home, etc.

I did a quick video to show you one alternative using two simple tools (a hammer and a scribe!)

Enjoy !

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Test, Test, this is only a test

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Nov 132012

From time to time I attempt things in my studio that defy logic or good sense. Sometimes they are a success and other times, well, not so much.

I enjoy the freedom to play in the studio and so when I had a lot of holes to drill in some copper disks, I decided to break the rules and experiment.

From time to time I will share record these tests and share them here. Today’s test has to do with drilling. Take a look.

(In addition, at the end I added some commentary about lubrication and my drilling surfaces. )

I should add that this ‘worked’ only because the stack was round. Had it been another shape it would have been trash!

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Nov 122012

Although I am quite the tool junkie, I certainly don’t own them all. And although a quick change handpiece would be lovely, my current handpiece works quite well so I don’t see an upgrade in my near future.  For anyone else without a quick change, here is a quick tip showing how to use your flexshaft a little quicker.


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Nov 112012

Another topic that came up recently on the FB page had to do with shaping wire. Specifically someone was asking about marquise shapes. There was a lot of great discussion and there are MANY ways to do this, as with most things, there isn’t ONE right way. Also, different techniques work well for different wire types and intended outcomes – say the different between round wire to make a decorative shape and sheet to make a setting for a marquise stone.

This video shows just one way to go about shaping wire into a marquise.

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