Nov 102012

We had a question come up the other day on the Network FB group page about drilling and controlling the drill as you go through the metal. Specifically, how do you keep from slamming through and damaging the piece you are working on. One way to avoid this is to stabilize your drill with your drilling hand. Please see the video for details:

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Mar 192010

I can often be heard saying that metalsmiths are great people. I say that because its TRUE!

Most of the metalsmiths that I know are very generous, warm, and caring people.

Don’t believe me? Then you need to check out Gabriel Craig.

Gabriel had done a series of ‘performance’ jeweler videos. As he put it:
“I proceeded to make, giveaway, and talk about jewelry. In this guerilla jewelry performance I fielded and posed questions to my audience and engaged them in my studio practice….|snip|…by making in public I was attempting to return studio jewelry to a state of vernacular understanding”

In my opinion, Gabriel gave something to the public, but also to us, his fellow makers. He is doing part of the job of educating the public. Something the handmade crowd talks alot about. Gabriel is ENGAGING in a unique, fun, and profound way.

Take a look – “Pro-Bono Jeweler” — part I

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