Dec 102012

Today we’ve compiled a list of stone setting “tutorials” for you!

Bezel – stamped and stepped


Another look at flush setting

Tube Setting – a quick look

Another “tube setting” tutorial – not what you think!

Bead Setting


Pure inspiration
Pendant in the making – with Hans

Oh and a few more, different topic –

more cuttle fish casting:

Someone asked about using tap and dies – I located a nice little tutorial which may be found here





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  4 Responses to “Day 10 – Stone Setting & More”

  1. You need a like button – thank you!

  2. OMG this is crazy! This should be 5 days worth!!!

  3. great tutes and info!

  4. “another tube setting” was very good and different. I have made my wife several rings using coins. One of her fellow supervisors had me make her a ring out of an Italian Vulcan blacksmith coin, Vulcan in the buff at an anvil, with his bare buttocks to the viewer. She would always put this ring on when one of her staff came in sniveling over some trivial thing and she would always hold her hand out with Vulcan’s butt to them and say “Kiss my a**”, someone finally filed an EEO complaint against her but she still wore the ring a lot at work just to let her underlings know how she felt about their petty fights with each other. Nice way to mount coins, thanks.