Dec 172012

A free tutorial available today only!

From the design studio of Cynthia Newcomer Daniels, comes this great seed beading tutorial from Cynthia’s “Instant Gratification” line.

Part of Cynthia’s artists statement indicates that she like to work with a large variety of materials, crossing over from one medium to the next. She says: “I believe that the most interesting things happen on the edges, where one craft touches and becomes another.”

I find that to be an extremely intriguing statement and I encourage you to try this tutorial and also look around Cynthia’s websites for more tutorials and inspiration. Even if you’ve never done seed bead work – this may be the start of something really great for you!

DOWNLOAD NOW: Click tutorial title-> EXPIRED

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  5 Responses to “Day 17 – Catch a Falling Star”

  1. Those are adorable!! Thanks for sharing! I might just try these – I don’t normally work with seed beads but these look easy enough. 🙂

  2. I LOOOVE these! It would be so easy to dress them up or down. Thank you very much for the tutorial, Miss Cynthia!!!


  3. I don’t normally work with seed beads either but these are so fun and the teaching itself is such a great resource. What a great way to get one’s feet (or hands) wet in working with seed beads. I look forward to giving this a try and I’ll be sure to post back when I do!

  4. I can not wait to use this pattern. rivolis are so much fun to use in a design. I just love this star pattern

  5. Absolutely stunning- gorgeous pattern! Thank you so much!