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Winner!!! Winner!!!

#68 – zoraida, who won with her ‘share’ entry – “Here are my facebook pages I shared this post on both – and”
In her other entry Zoraida said: I love tools and books! I do a lot of hammering and I would love hammer with a small head and fine edge like the bordering hammer. My most useful took is probably my square nose pliers. I couldn’t do my wirework withouth them! I’m sharing this post on facebook.


Today is another giveaway, and its kind of a big one. At least to me.


Today is the ‘some of my favorite things’ giveaway. Not to be confused with Oprah’s favorite things, I can’t even begin to compete with the Queen of…well, so many things….BUT, that doesn’t mean this won’t be an awesome cool, knock your socks off giveaway!


So what ARE some of my favorite things?


Well….tools for one –
like hammers – love my hammers.


I use my Peddinghaus bordering hammer ALL the time.


Oh and my lovely little riffler files…..they are perfect for getting into tight spaces.


Rocks are another favorite thing – in any shape or form!


oh and books, definitely books. I love books. 🙂


And there are misc. other little items that make my life in the studio better, like my lovely little retractable sharpie. A silly thing maybe, but oh so nice. And my Xuron shears.


This giveaway will be comprised of a bunch of my favorite things…some, or all, of the above…..maybe some other items as well…..a mystery box chock full of goodies.Who doesn’t like a surprise package of studio stuff?


To enter:
Leave a comment below sharing YOUR favorite studio thing. (whether you own it or use it somewhere else)
For additional entries:
Post a link to this giveaway on your blog or facebook page and then come back here and post a link to your share in the comments below. You may earn an extra entry for each method of sharing.
So in total you have up to 3 entries. 🙂

Entries close December 25th and a winner will be selected randomly. The winner will be announced here on December 26th by way of update to this post as well as an alert post. We will make one attempt to notify the winner, so please ensure your email address is valid and entered correctly. PLEASE check back to see if you are the winner, if we don’t hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another name.




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  1. At the moment, I am in love with my flexshaft. I wanted one for a long time, and now that I have it I am wondering how I ever got along without it!! Some new hammers are next on my list… and maybe a new anvil!

  2. Unfortunately, I love all of my tools; the one I use the most are my needle nose pliers; boring but useful!

  3. definitely love my hammers, and my disc cutter and my rolling mill.. but my absolutely favorite things are my Lindstrom pliers, i use them ALL the time!

  4. I love my pendant motor and hammers 🙂 oh and my knew concept saw 🙂

  5. I love my track anvil. And my hammers. And my rolling mill. and…and…

  6. I would have to say that my favorite things are my Lindstrom pliers, and, right now, my Sizzix Big Kick. Just having an abolute ball with that thing.

    I shared this post on my Facebook page:

  7. I’m just starting to set up my space to include all the necessary tools, etc. My Xmas present to myself is a flexshaft, and I already know it’s going to be my favorite thing.

  8. on behalf of Linda Smith: I shared this post on my Facebook page:

    🙂 Wanted to make sure you got that extra entry!

  9. A girl can never have enough hammers!

  10. I love my jumbo torch, it is perfect for all my soldering projects.

  11. At the moment my favourite things my dapping block and circle punch!

  12. Right now I LOVE my dimple making pliers that I purchased at the Richard Salley class in Petaluma last September. (Art is you). I love love love making little dimples in metal!

  13. Files, files, files—I love ALL my files—short ones, coarse ones, fine cut ones, extra fine cut, extra coarse cut—a girl can NOT have enough files!

  14. Merry Christmas Janice! Thank you for the Jewelry Artist Network and all your hard work. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

    (I know this is supposed to be a post to win something, but I don’t need anything.)

  15. I am learning to appreciate my jewelry saw more and more..without it.. all other tools would mean nothing.

  16. Well, I love all of the tools at the NCSU Crafts Center including the rolling mill, cutting shears, and hydraulic press (I would dearly love to have them in my home studio but no $$$ or space :(.

    But my recent love is my crucibles for melting metal !!!

  17. Can’t imagine life in the studio without my Tronex cutters. But, I love all my tools. Just a tool girl since I was little watching my dad fix any and everything.

  18. For Linda f/u comment #18:
    and FB entry

  19. I think out of all the tools I have, acoustic and electric, my favorite tool is my stump! I got it when a neighbor had a tree cut down. I can make any shape I want for dapping, it’s an extra table, it softens the sound when I put an anvil or steel square on it those times I need to pound on metal. I can drill holes wherever I want to hold sinusoidal stakes – it’s my all around favorite tool.

  20. I love all my tools, I am a tool junkie!< But the one I seem to use on every metal project is my rawhide hammer!! But I would fight for all my tools!! LOL

  21. I’m with Francesca – currently, my Flexshaft is my bestest buddy!!!

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  22. My favorite thing has to be my studio itself because it is my own private place to hide from the craziness in my house. My favorite tool is my torch i love to use the fire the feeling I get is powerful…lol

  23. This summer I was finally able to buy a bench shear. I love love it. It is becoming my most used tool in my studio.

  24. I am using my dremel stylus. It is great for grinding glass, perfecting the copper I cut out to enamel ect.
    I love the kiln I use every week at my enameling class. I love using thompsons enameling.

  25. My tumbler is a favorite as is my new riveting tool. I do love my chasing hammer too!
    Will share on FB too

  26. Pliers. Pliers break wire, bend wire, texture wire, straighten wire….I sense an obsession here…..

  27. I love my disc cutter 😀

  28. Currently, my favorite tool is my Knew Concept saw…been using it quite a bit.

  29. My favorite thing in the studio….. Hmmmm, that is a hard one. I love my hammers, and my Tronex pliers. But I think my all time favorite tool in the studio is my guillotine shear. That thing makes cutting metal so much easier than anything. I also adore my hydraulic press.

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  30. My favorite thing is my rolling mill, followed closely by my be Fretz hammers & anvil. Who am I kidding, I love ALL my tools!! 🙂 Posted on my FB page!!

  31. LOL, Barrie, we think so alike! I would have to say rolling mill, which I still don’t own ut use at school, and hammers. I love the Fretz ones, and am just beginnning to understand how important multiple hammers are. I know this is a weird one, especially since I am a tool junkie, but after a bad car accident earlier this week and head trauma, I appreciate my brain as my best tool. it is not working quite right at the moment, and that makes a huge difference in creativity and being able to do things right. I have made some pretty basic mistakes in the last day with metal, so appreciate your brain too!

  32. The stump is my favorite thing.. a lightning strike dropped the tree in the back yard and burned out *everything* plugged into an electrical outlet. I had to learn how to make stuff with no power tools and the stump is a reminder that no matter what tools I have or don’t have I can still make beautiful things.

  33. My guillotine is probably the favorite timesaver, along with a custom punch for bead caps, plus disc cutters and a very cool bracelet bending pliers.
    Posting on my FB page as there’s no way I’ll get a blog entry written…I still have packages to buy and wrap and cookies to bake!

  34. I like my hammers!

  35. My favorite studio thing currently is my miter jig. I use it to make so many cuts…I don’t know how I worked without it!

  36. My favorite thing is the polishing cabinet. It’s just so fast. I still like the zen feeling I get when I had file and polish, but sometimes there’s a need for some speed.

  37. my set of 3M sandpaper

  38. I love all my tools, but I just bought a stampimg set and I have a feeling it may end up being my favorite! And I posted a share on my FB page – no time for blogging befor Xmas, too much to do!

  39. My KILN for sure or I couldn’t make my Sound Wave Imprinted jewelry just so! I also loooove my Dremel. I keep sinking all my profits back into tools, and I keep finding I neeeeeeed more so I can do & create more so I can neeeeeeed more tools……. and I see tools I neeeeeeed right here on this page!

  40. So hard to pick my fav. tool….l love the tools, big & small! My flexshaft has to be the best all around tool though

  41. Adding FB share for Barrie…

  42. My favorite thing, although I don’t own one, is a rolling mill. I love texturing metal.

  43. I can’t choose between my Tronex razor flush cutter and my Lindstrom pliers. They fit my hands so well that just holding them is a pleasure.

  44. I can’t seem to choose just 1; but, here are my top 3:
    1. mini paint mixer for stirring up liquid enamels
    2. hydraulic press
    3. blanking die bench pin
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  45. My most favorite thing is my wire storage setup. I got the idea from Melissa Muir. I got a rolling file cabinet that had drawers that could be removed; it has one smaller drawer and a larger one with hanging folders. I sort my wire by gauge, then shape and metal type and then put each shape and color in its own separate zip lock bag and those go into one of the folders. I have 12-14 in one folder, 16-18 in another and so on. My spooled wire goes in the smaller drawer along with scrap wire (in a separate bag of course). I take the large drawer with the wire in it and put it on top of the rolling cabinet so that I don’t have to stand on my head to find the wire. I also have folders for works in progress; if I have commissioned pieces, all of the info about the customer (colors, beads and cabs to be used, designs, etc.) and all of the materals go into that folder as well. Now I know exactly how much wire I have and can easily put toegther a wire order. I just wish that my beads and cabs were as well organized as my wire. Anybody have any tips on how to store beads and sones? Mine are just a jumbled mess!

  46. I shared this post on my Facebook page.!/jackifeltnerstump

  47. BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! Sometimes I wonder if I didnt have some many books I’d be more productive.

  48. My favorite tools are my Lindstrom Pliars, especially the chain nose. I would be lost without my pliars.

  49. My “HAVE TO HAVE” tool is my magnifying light. Flatnosed pliers are a must and so useful. I love to hammer silver on the anvil too 🙂

  50. My favorite tool is a rolling mill, although I don’t have one. I’ve just used it at the shop where I’ve taken several lessons. You can never have enough tools. LOL My favorite tool that I actually own is a couple of pair of Wubbers pliers. They’re great. Would like to have a whole set one of these day.

  51. I’m not sure how to get a link to my facebook post, but I’m hoping this is it. I posted it in my group, Etsy/Artfire United.!/groups/Etsy.ArtfireUP/permalink/445013922230809/

  52. My favorite tool is my little butane torch. I can do so much with so little.

  53. My favorite is my torch!

  54. Shared on my facebook page.

  55. My mini anvil. It gets used for just about every thing I make! Then there is my little hammer collection. Okay, it’s not so little. But it’s not as not-so-little as my collection of 37 pliers. Alright, you win. I just love my tools……

  56. Gotta have pliers for every occasion!

  57. Love my stump with the anvil set into it. It’s a lap stump so I can move it around easily. Put it on my lap, hammer etc. then put it aside or not and keep working on next step of whatever my project requires. Reading through the various comments, truly appreciate my brain as well. Thanks Janine for the reminder:) And, Janice, thank-you for all your work on the Jewelry Artists Network. You are much appreciated:) And….Barrie….The best teacher anyone could have!!!

  58. I like my new Fretz hammer – I was saving money for it and was so excited once it arrived! Just like most people who own one say “It’ totally worth it.” And another toy I love playing with lately is the Crafted Findings riveting tool.

  59. My flexshaft, my torch, my flush cutter and round nose pliers 🙂

  60. My window! The sun coming in and the birds and butterflies outside (this is Florida, after all) make just going into my studio a joy.

  61. I shared on Facebook but don’t know how to post a link to my “share” here. is what’s in the URL block on my page.

  62. I love tools and books! I do a lot of hammering and I would love hammer with a small head and fine edge like the bordering hammer. My most useful took is probably my square nose pliers. I couldn’t do my wirework withouth them! I’m sharing this post on facebook.

    Zoraida –

  63. Here are my facebook pages I shared this post on both – and


  64. Best Give Away Ever! My favorite tool is my flex shaft…I use it for every single piece. I love the 3m polishing wheels!

    I’ve posted on my facebook page: . I wasn’t sure how to link it either, so I just put my facebook page link. I don’t have a blog going so I posted it to pinterest under best giveaways and then tweeted it!

    This is an awesome give away. Probably the best I’ve come across. You have been so wonderfully generous in all your Christmas giving! Thank you!

  65. My favorite tool is my flex shaft…I use it for every single piece. I love the 3m polishing wheels! This is an awesome give away. Probably the best I’ve come across. You have been so wonderfully generous in all your Christmas giving! Thank you!

    I’ve posted on my facebook page: . I wasn’t sure how to link it either, so I just put my facebook page link. I don’t have a blog going so I posted it to pinterest under best giveaways and then tweeted it!

  66. Honestly can you pick a favorite kid? Somedays it’s my Swanstrom disc cutter, but wait I have to texture that disk so now it’s my hammers, or maybe I’ll pierce out a design loving my saw now lets clean that all up so bring out my files and my wonderful 3m products, gotta hang it on something so bring on the Lindstrom pliers to make the chain maille neck piece…..ahhhh and then there are books and magazines

  67. I love my hammers and anvil and of course my Little Torch. So hard to pick just one!!

  68. Love them all.

  69. THis was also shared on my facebook page. Barb Colberg

  70. Oooo…hard to say! I definitely love my Knew saw – haven’t broken a blade in months! and my tube cutting jig along with my setting burs. But most of all I love my acetylene/air torch! I love to solder!

  71. Outside of my torch, I think my rolling mill gets the most use. I also love my 2-speed Red Wing quick chuck bench polisher.

  72. First I love the way my work area is set up I have 3 drawers at different highs for fab, soldering, storing. 9 drawer below Next to that I have a jewelry bench. I turn my chair and there I’m ready to saw. Cabnets to my left I can sit in one place and never move and reach everything and kept on work, but my most loved tool would be my flexshaft I have 3. I can set-up and not have to change burrs.
    Jacki, I found a photo album from the 99cent store and 3×5 card with doubleback tape works for storing stones. Just turn the pages and see one stone after another. One type of stone in one album another in others easy to store and see.

  73. Shared on my Facebook page 🙂 loving the advent 🙂 thanks so much Janice x

  74. My favourite tool is my rolling mill. It saves me a lot of time.

  75. I use my dremel-like tool a lot. I cut, grinde and polish with it. Unfortunately I don’t have any good quality handheld tools, so I have to improvise with found tools. This is an amazing offer. Thnx for offering and I hope I get lucky. Happy holidays.

  76. I love all my tools, but I especially love my Wubbers narrow flat nose pliers. They are perfect for shaping prongs in a wire wrap. Happy Holidays. I am truly enjoying the posts from Jewelry Artists Network. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  77. My books are the favorite cuz that’s how I came into the majority of my training – I am self taught so I LOVE my computer and can learn how to do most anything!!

  78. Tools, tools and more tools, I’m in love with tools….but the one tool that I reach for all the time is my long chain nosed, needle-nosed Lindstrom pliers. I just got a dremel with all the accessaries from Northern Tool…can’t wait to put it all together…

  79. My studio is rather dark as it is in the basement so my favorite thing is my daylight lamp that sits next to my work station.

  80. There are lots of tools on my wish list. Right now I am loving playing with enameling, and hope to get more tools for that. I also do a lot of wire work. A vise is on my must have wish list.

  81. I have to say that any tool that makes my work easier at the time is my favorite.

  82. A sturdy round metal tool that has a long tapered end on it. Don’t know what it’s called but its perfect for making a hole just slightly bigger, cleaning enamel from a hole and nudging things closer to where you want them to be

  83. My favorite tool is my sketch pad and pencil. I have been using it to sketch pictures and colors of things that inspire me to make jewelry.

  84. My newest favorite thing is my photo box. Now I can take decent photos of my work. Yay!

  85. I think my favorite thing must be my Loretone tumbler. It was the first major electrical tool I ever bought, and I couldn’t do without it for hardening, burnishing, and keeping my hands out of the buffing compounds. But I love my french shears. And my new bench shear. and my drill press! And…

  86. My favorite tool in my studio is my flex shaft.It does so much & is always ready for action.

  87. My favs are always my last used tools so I’d have to say my kiln, flexshaft and tumbler. But I couldn’t make any of my jewelry without my hands! 😉

  88. My favorite things are a polishing wheel with several levels of grit and I can’t live without my long nose wire wrap pliers.

  89. I just love playing with the torch and using powder enamels. It’s so much fun!! Thanks and have a good holiday. Judy

  90. I love the yellow 3m wheels on my flex shaft!

  91. These are some of my favorite things; my Victor torches that light, anvil that rings, hammers that strike….la la la …. these are some of my favorite things!

  92. I adore more than anything my Lindstrom pliers and my hammers and my Grobet files… And my hands and my magnifying light. And all my other pliers. I hope to fall in love with a Flexshaft in the near future, too. And I do love my saw… And I adore my studio- it is absolutely sublime. This is so much fun- best Advent Calendar ever 😀

    Shared on FB