Jan 082015

download Lots of us set goals for the New Year. Many of us include a business goal in there somewhere, and even if we’re not ‘resolution’ makers, most of us have some goals or ideas of what we want for our jewelry business in 2015. It’s human nature to dream but if you want success, you need to have a goal and you need to PLAN.

For many of us creating is second nature, it’s a drive we can’t turn away from – but it’s also become VERY apparent that for many of us, the business side feels like a chore. It’s mysterious and overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I have been hearing about Flourish & Thrive all over the place. They are getting GREAT feedback and come highly recommended as a jeweler’s business training academy.

So how awesome is it that they are holding a free (YES! FREE!) training series —  starting TOMORROW!

Tracy and Robin have 40 years (combined) experience that has led them to success not only in their business but their overall lives ~ I personally can’t wait to hear their tips and tricks to help grow my business because let’s face it – while I LOVE to create and would do it no matter what – it’s really critical that the time I’m investing ‘pays me back’.  It can’t be a dark hole. I’m ready to get my jewelry out there and I know many of you are too.

Even if you don’t plan on turning your jewelry into a profitable business (but really — why not??) you’ll learn a lot from these two. And if you are a struggling jeweler, discouraged by lack of sale, or trying to figure out your direction – DON’T WAIT.

Go sign up NOW! 

You don’t want to miss it! This is the start of a FABULOUS new year for you! ONWARD and UPWARD!

Keep climbing…..