Apr 012010

Yep, its giveaway time! Why have a giveaway?


I like fun.

You like fun too right?

Its already sounding like a great match, yes?

It had been previously mentioned that the giveaway was open to all registered users. But then that seemed, I dont know, like it just wasn’t easy enough. And right after FUN, I like easy.

So no registration required. All you have to do is answer a question in the comments below.

EVERYONE who answers will be entered. But please, only ONE answer allowed per person!

The post will be open for comments through April 29th at midnight.

On April 30th, everyone’s name goes in the tumbler and we’ll draw one out and presto – WINNER!

There are no trick questions and no right and wrong answer questions. (remember this is to be FUN and EASY!) And maybe informative. 🙂

This month’s question:

What’s your favorite tool?

ohhhhhhhhhh, you want to know about the prize? Well, this month its a surprise!

It may be custom MOO cards, or designer cut cabochon, or a lovely Fretz chasing hammer….

But you gotta play to win!





  48 Responses to “First Giveaway!!”

  1. My rolling mill is my favorite tool right now – the endless possibilities of different textures make it indispensable for me! 🙂

  2. My favorite tool has to be OMG so many to pick from

    I have to say my tiny work bench mini anvil

  3. That’s a hard one because as I get new toys – I meant tools – the new one becomes my favorite until the next one. Right now it’s my Koil Kutter.

  4. I could cheat and say the one at hand. But no, I’ll pick the mitre jig that I use all the time. Either that or my lindstrom ergonomic pliers. They sure are nice. Do you notice that both these are expensive versions of things otherwise available?

  5. It isn’t very glamorous but I can’t remember the last time I made something without reaching for my ring clamp. It might not be the one that gives me the most pleasure but it is definately the one that gets the most use.

  6. This is cool. I just posted it to my Facebook page too, encouraging other jewelry artists to join the group here!

  7. Ooops forgot to answer the question… my favorite tool is my Fretz silk texture hammer.

  8. My new etching kit…just love it!

  9. Hmmm – my favorite tool is the steel block and chasing hammer – I’m always using it – banging out to my hearts content – lots of noise. Then the rolling mill is a close 2nd!

  10. my stamps. always my stamps.

  11. I think my favorite tools are my “sandtaper” sticks – there are 4 different grits and I use them for everything.

  12. Hammer, any hammer! I find great satisfaction in hitting metal with a hammer.

  13. My favorite tool is my engraving block,I would be lost with out it.

  14. I think I would have to say a Flexshaft. You can do so much.

  15. Wow that”s a hard question, I think my flex shaft closely followed by hammers. Too many to choose from and I just ordered a bunch more so they’ll probably be my favourites for a while 🙂

  16. My favorite tool has been my Koil Kutter (thanks, Dave!) for quite a few years now.

  17. My favorite tool is my mini bailing pliers.

  18. That really is hard. I guess one of my favorites is my Guillotine Shear. It makes my life so much easier.

  19. oooh, the choices! I love my dapping block and hammers. And my disc cutter. And my etching supplies. But I think the hammers have to be the winner…

  20. My dremel although I haven’t had the poor thing out for a while. Makes my life a little easier.

  21. My favorite tool is my brain. And the way it guides my pliers!

  22. Hammers, absolutely! Nothing more satisfying than banging on metal. Great stress reliever as well.

  23. Well — really Janice? My husband! He’s my favorite tool. First for the obvious, of course, then there’s the lifting and moving stuff. The ADHD – I can keep him busy, busy, busy! He’s the one who sees no budget restriction if I present him with a tool wish list at Christmas. Lotsa reasons, but yeah. He’s my favorite tool.

  24. Christy, you are TOO way funny!!!
    My favorite tool is probably my chasing hammer. Boring, but I can’t make anything without it! It’s a must-have part of every project. And I don’t even use it for chasing!

  25. My Optivisors, riveting block or Fumasi shears on a good day. But at the moment, my brand new best friend toy is my 8″ guillotine shears that cut 1mm sheet like it is .3mm dead soft fine silver sheet 🙂

  26. This IS fun Janice!!

    Oh my gosh… which one to choose. Could be my goldsmith’s hammer – I use it all the time. Could be my smart vise which makes sawing so much easier. Could be my Smith Silversmith air/acet torch. Yeah, I think the torch wins because it’s opened up such avenues of creativity for me.

  27. I would have to say that hands down it is my scribe. I use it constantly. It is a very old one with replaceable heads (I can still find the right size to fit it). It was my grandfathers when he was in university, and I had it just sitting in a drawer for years before I was a jeweler. I used to use it for scoring paper!

  28. My pliers. There are so many things that I can dream up that I just can’t do without them. I have been trying to pick one favorite among them, but that is just not working.

  29. When I’m working in metal clay my favorite tool(s) are my fingers. When I work with sheet and wire, my favorite tool is a 2 Euro hammer I found in an Amsterdam street market.

  30. I think my anvil, I love to hammer my copper pieces on my anvil.

  31. My favorite tool is my graph paper! I can’t imagine doing without any of the essential pliers and cutter, etc. But the design starts taking shape on my graph paper. Using graph paper makes engineering a setting and calculating measurements, for a new design or a new size of an old design, a lot easier than putting it together in my head and a lot thriftier than guessing measurements. When I start envisioning how a design idea is going to come together, it’s time to pull out my graph paper!

    • I am a tool junkie and wish I had a boat load of cash to buy more! I am going to have to look up some of the tools mentioned to see why you love them so much. My favorite tool is my rolling mill. I will try to roll about anything through it. And the texture of copper after it is ran through about 3 times, twisting, becoming stressed, and finally creases/fine cracks begin to form. Beautiful.

  32. Love my pliers – all 3 dozen of them :-).

  33. I love all my tools, but my favorite is my disk cutter.


  34. I guess my favorite tools are my hands and fingers. I do so much with them when wire wrapping which seems to be my focus now.

  35. My favorite tool of the moment is my disc cutter, but my assorted texturing hammers are a close second!

  36. Gosh, I really don’t have a lot of tools, but I think my favorite tool would have to be my sharpie marker…well, maybe not my favorite, but indespensable.

    • I LOVE my sharpie! Especially my retractable one! (my others got dried out all the time because I never put the lids back on)

  37. That is just a really hard question since I love all my tools for different reasons. If I have to pick one, I would say my step mandrel for making bangles- I use it endlessly and it gives me peace of mind that I’m not wasting expensive silver!

  38. The hammer I am using at the moment.

  39. A giveaway is so exciting! Thanks Janice!
    I have to say that I recently made friends with my jewelers saw, and we are getting along splendidly, so I will tip my hat to my saw! I have enjoyed all the other responses!

  40. I’m just beginning metalsmithing, and needed/wanted a lot of tools. So I traded a trip I had planed to Britain for tools. It was a good exchange since I would have been leaving just as the volcano in Iceland erupted! My Beadalon round nose pliers (marked at 1/8 inch increments) was my favorite tool when I was wire-wrapping and still is my favorite as a beginner metalsmith.

  41. Great tool out right now my greatest is a good pair small double flush cutters for making hand cut jump rings as I am into chain maille.

    • Kathy, Sounds like double flush cutters would really be a handy tool. Where did you get them?

  42. Right now, I must say my new pliers. My most expensive yet, but beautifully finished (no marred metal!), balances well in my hand and strong (I was bending 2mm ring stock with no problem, unlike my old pairs, which creaked like they were arthritic).

  43. I’d have to say RX pliers because I can close rings a lot longer with them and not hurt.

  44. Hmm, so many choices. I think I will choose my big, old and battered anvil. I use it all the time, and for things it wasn’t designed for!

  45. My favourite tool at the moment is my Koil Kutter. Can’t do without it!