FOR SALE-Bench Tools

May 262010

Portland OR – Someone has come into some older jewelry equipment that they have no use for.

Per the person:
I don’t have any other knowledge of the equipment- they were not mine originally, and I have no skills- so a buyer would basically have to be an artist who knows his/her stuff.
It all looks practically new, except for the dust collected while sitting in the garage. As far as pricing goes….60% of the original cost seems a reasonable starting point to me. With the exception of the steam cleaner, all of the exact same models are still produced and distributed at the original prices by the manufacturers.There are good pictures and info about the tools on the companies’ websites, though.

1) Pepe Tools Double-Spindle Euro Polisher (for rings) Model 332 + Dust Collector + Pro Discs/Tools Set (orig. approx. $700) — sell for $450.00
(2) Optima Jr. Steam Cleaner Model 1400 (orig. $289)- discontinued model, so not online — sell for $75.00
(3) Quantrex L&R Model Q140H (orig. $420) — sell for $250.00
(4) Blue Star Electro-Plating Machine Model 500 (orig. $335) — $200.00

re: pricing – ‘will entertain all reasonable offers’

CONTACT the seller directly:

acarter_1 [!at]




  3 Responses to “FOR SALE-Bench Tools”

  1. Still have the Optima Jr for sale

  2. I tried one of these wipes at a friend’s house. I had brought over a vintage DAR pin that had a bit of tarnish on it. My friend had a container of Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes and went to work. The pin looked like new in just a few minutes. She gave me a couple of the wipes “for the road,” and I cleaned silver jewelry that I had not worn in months. I had balked at using tarnish cream or other messy solutions. The wipes made having a drawer of gleaming silver jewelry possible with a minimal amount of effort. I will be buying a container of these for myself now.

  3. Do you still have the steamer?