Nov 122012

Yes, it IS that time of year!

The holidays are upon us!

This means things like baking and making and shopping and friends and family!


For many of us it also means getting our shops in order, having stock on hand, thinking about any holiday sales – like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  And, speaking of Black Friday – I read an interesting statistic the other day – it claimed that 3 out of 4 Black Friday shoppers were actually buying for THEMSELVES! Who knew!? (do you do this?)

That statistic, combined with conversations on two different groups recently, got me thinking about shopping for ourselves and the wish lists we create.

Here are a couple of questions for you all:

1.Do you shop for yourself during the holiday season????

2. What’s on your list? (personal or business related and can be reality or dream items)

Help us create a gift guide for jewelry artists – leave your answers in the comments below!




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  23 Responses to “Happy Holidays! Gifts for Jewelry Artists?”

  1. !. I don’t ever shop for myself. In fact, my husband and I don’t even exchange gifts at all. We live on a very limited income so we just don’t have that luxury. I make all the Christmas gifts that I give to family and friends, be it jewelry or baked goodies.

    2. Beads (from seed beads to big hole beads and everything in between), beading needles (size 10) and big eye needles, Fireline or fishing line, cord and leather to make macrame bracelets and other beaded jewelry ( I have recently gotten on a beading kick but don’t have a whole lot of supplies, unfortunately), copper sheet and copper blanks, a dapping set from Harbor Freight, and metal stamps of all kinds. I can’t afford to make sterling jewelry anymore because I don’t have an outlet to sell from. I tried Etsy, but I just didn’t do well. I am a full-time student and I thought that the cool dapped and stamped metal jewelry , the beaded rings, earrings, leather stack bracelets, and macrame bracelets might be a hit with some of the students at the college and give me a little more income.
    This is probably way more info than you wanted, but oh well. Have a great day!

    • Handcrafted gifts are the best kind Jacki! 🙂

      I hope the jewelry goes over well with your fellow students – you can try using school colors incorporated into the designs.

  2. 1 I always ship for myself! I know this is bad! Can’t help it!
    2. I want a jewelry bench. Along with a bunch of classes on plating and electroforming.

  3. 1. I don’t shop for myself, but I DO make it known what I want.

    2. A GRS system, the oval or square cutters from Contenti, and the rectangular or heart Swanstrom punches. An actual Foredom with a hammer handpiece. A few more pattern rollers for my mill.

  4. Holy crap Ann, hi maintenance! I either ask for what I want, or sometimes get it myself. My business buys me something if it can afford to. Last year, it bought me a nice electric mini scroll saw and foot pedal. When it arrived, I really wanted to try it out, but I wrapped it and put it under the tree. I didn’t get to open it until the 25th. It was fun. My kids thought I was weird. Yeah, I know. Shut up.

  5. 2. Hydraulic press, ideally Kevin Potter’s pretty purple table-top model. Realistically, a harbor freight version. Even more, a guillotine shear ( Why is there only a $100 difference between the 6″ and 12 ” shear, but a $500 difference between the 4″ and 6″ shear? It doesn’t seem fair.

  6. Lisa, Janice said they could be dream items!

  7. Nope, don’t shop for myself, but usually guide the family’s gifts to me. If left to their own devices, they really suck at getting me presents! 🙂

    If Santa decided to send some goodies my way, I’d LOVE a Fretz stake kit, and a couple of the Fretz bench blocks. But more importantly I’d really love a couple of studio elves to help me redo my studio. It’s a hopeless disaster & needs a complete overhaul! I think it’d be awesome to have a professional organizer come in and hook me up! 🙂

    • Aw, studio elves – that would be great Barrie! I am beginning to love organizing – working on my closets at the moment and then need to go back to the basement and finish up down there, that probably won’t happen until after the holidays.

    • I have the stakes (purchased with my scrap returns, it was found money!). have to check out the bench blocks. he has all those other cute little mushroom type stakes that i didn’t get..

      the studio… that’s an ongoing thing, every time i get it into a reasonable state i manage to hose it again,sigh…

  8. Me, I don’t need a thing, I have it all. There are no tools I need, nor books and if there is I will buy it myself. I know it sounds somewhat arrogant and selfish but that’s the way it is. What I like to do is give to others but what does one give to a wife, who like me has just about all she needs or wants? So we both give to those who have almost nothing. You can’t take it with you so share it around with those who have less.

    • I think that is wonderful! I wish I had you for a Santa! Just kidding. You are a wonderful person for giving to others. Not many people will do that in this day and age.

    • That is AWESOME Jerry !!

      We too feel like we have everything we ‘need’ and there’s not that much that we want. And some of the things I do want are too expensive to ask for — so we are going lighter each year with family gifts.

    • That is a wonderful thing….. we have in the past done that very thing. my husband recently retired, so we’re much more cautious with our spending, we don’t get carried away, so just one or two ‘want to haves’ vs. needs…

  9. So ok, I admit that I do sometimes pick up a gift for myself while I’m out shopping. Sometimes the deals are too good to pass up!

    And hmmm, on my wish list this year…hmmmm, really probably it would be little things -a new chasing hammer, some burs, actually ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I do know something – ok – two things I’d LOVE to have a meiji scope and an GRS Gravermax (or GraverSmit) yea, that’s it. The Meiji first. I need to set up a little account to save for that.