Jan 012013

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! I hope you rang in the new year safely! And I hope you are looking forward to, and planning for, a successful 2013!  If you have a habit of setting resolutions only to feel defeated when life gets in the way of your dreams,  be sure to check back and follow along as we test some proven tips to make permanent changes. We can walk forward together, supporting one another, confiding in one another, and succeeding TOGETHER.

Here at the network we ended the year on a really high, and crazy, note with the Advent Calendar. This was a last minute idea that we ran with. (hint #1 for 2013 – don’t delay – don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today – STOP PROCRASTINATING and don’t let FEAR win). All in all – despite some missed days – the whole thing was a lot of fun and quite a success!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who generously donated!

We gave away a lot really great items -> tutorials and tangibles, discounts, and deals…….and we met a LOT of new friends!  We gave away over 500 free tutorials graciously donated by Barrie Edwards, Perri Jackson, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel, Dianne Karg Baron, and myself; we gave away over $300 in prizes, and we linked to some awesome free items.

Here is a recap:




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  2 Responses to “Happy New Year and Advent Calendar Wrap up”

  1. PROCRASTINATING! Is that where you put off till tomorrow that which you could do today? Nope, never ever done, nor told an exaggeration, no, really never. I almost didn’t get my wife’s jewelry made in time for Christmas but where is the fun in getting it made the day after Thanksgiving, and no, I am not making her Valentines jewelry on New Years Day either.Actually I think that I will procrastinate a little and do on 2/12/13. Yeah, that sounds about right.

  2. Yes, you’ve got me inspired! This will be the year when I learn all the things I’ve been afraid of attempting. I’m going to write it all down in bold letters, pin it on my refrigerator and scratch them off one by one. I will fear no more!