Nov 122014

We recently updated an album on our Facebook Page – (the Network Retreat album) to show a broad look at retreat over the years. In response to a photo taken a few years ago, someone said: “and look where we are now……….”

What a great statement!!!  And what great advice.

Don’t forget your beginnings.

It can be easy to look around and get discouraged – we wish we were further along, we compare ourselves to others.

Stop that! (right now!) 


The only person you have to compare yourself with is the person you were yesterday.

Same in your business – don’t compare your work to anyone else’s.

Your journey is just that YOUR journey – and don’t forget how far you’ve already come !

Take a look back at some of your older work, where you were, and look at the progression. Figure out where you want to go and then set yourself in that direction. 

Think about the hard work you’ve put in to get where you are now. And know what it takes to get to the top of your game. I love a good analogy, and stick with me here – I think our journey can be like mountain climbing. 

Put your head down and KEEP CLIMBING


Standing at the bottom of the mountain it can look insurmountable. But with the right tools – and perseverance – you CAN do it.  One foot in front of the other, sometimes the progress is slow, and sometimes you have to traverse rather than go for a direct upward climb.  

And sometimes it is necessary to stop every so often, take a breather — and LOOK BACK. See how far you’ve already come???  Don’t get discouraged by how far you still have to go – use the distance you’ve traveled encourage you and fuel you on.

It can be easy to forget the distance traveled. . . . but that’s YOUR hard work – don’t forget it! 

When you catch your breathe, when you’re recharged – it’s time to look forward again – and get back to work. Survey the landscape ahead of you, chart your course – know where your next steps will fall – and then keep climbing.

Tune out what distracts – the fatigue in your legs (late nights in the studio anyone?), the pain in your lungs (the haters trying to bring you down), the lovely clearing full of flowers (social media distractions?) If you want to keep moving you need to choose what you ‘carry’ — don’t slow yourself down – don’t needlessly frustrate yourself. . . . . there is a time to take that breather, but don’t lose your focus, don’t forget your objective.

Put your head down and keep climbing.

It’s hard work but so worth it. When you reach the summit you will feel amazing.

AND, each summit victory allows you to see new peaks (new goals) – new opportunities.

And then you know what to do – you’ve done it once already.

just keep climbing, just keep climbing, just keep climbing……………




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  1. Thank you, great inspiration!