Jul 032014

I don’t get a lot of bench time at this point in my life due to many factors and so it can be frustrating sometimes when I DO get bench time and then am ‘stuck’ – not knowing what to make, feeling sort of uninspired.

Sometimes after a hiatus I tear right into a good project, but other times I just don’t know WHAT to get into but I have the urge to do something, MAKE something…HAMMER something….ya know?

The other day I had some time and it was one of those frustrating sit-at-the-bench-and-stare-at-stuff moments. (this felt like a slap in the face) Iย  just could not determine what to make (being out of a lot of metal didn’t help). Finally my eyes landed on one of my scrap boxes.

OK, I will melt metal.



And that’s as far as my thinking went. But at least I was moving. DOing.ย  (this felt better)

I took down my crucible, added a small pile of scrap sterling.

And put a big flame to it.


MOLTEN METAL. (hello my lovely, where have you been lately?)


I had no idea WHERE I was going – I just knew I was ‘creating’ – I was changing something from one ‘state’ to another.(and I could feel myself opening up)

I had no plan for the lumps, they just WERE.

But I liked it. (a lot!) (sandlot reference anyone??)

007So I melted a few more. (seriously, it was like rabbits multiplying)


Then I decided to hammer one (or two) I flattened it some then took it to the mill.

Ran it through and through.

It was kind of zen-like watching it go in one side and out the otherย  – streeeeetching.

Not to mention the physicality of it.

Cranking the mill – pushing and pulling – feeling my muscles stretch right along with the metal.

Still no idea where this was going, and not caring.

No expectations, no right or wrong – good or bad. Just DOING.

I’m in my element, studio, tools, fire, metal, music. I like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life is good.


I now had a growing little crop of surf boards. ๐Ÿ™‚


But I immediately was seeing them in halves.

So I measured, marked and cut.


Now we’re seeing one of my favorite shapes. (I have no idea why this may be a favorite shape, I just know I like it. I’m drawn to it. Don’t question it.)

It speaks to me.

And I to it.


“earrings” I say. (and really, what choice do they have at this point but to say, yea, ok)


And I finish up with 3 pairs of earrings.

And they aren’t anything special.

And yet – I adore them. They are fabulous for every day.

They are COMPLETELY wearable.

They have a scrumptious texture, an earthy weathered feel to them.

Like old souls.

So it becomes my secret (and yours) that they are fully new and totally born on the fly. ๐Ÿ™‚


And I have some remaining bunnies waiting for their turn to become.

This post is to really just to say – you don’t always have to make something complex. (maybe you don’t even have to have a finished ‘product’).

You don’t always have to plan for big things…..or over think it.

Sometimes it’s just good to sit with yourself and your space and perform the simplest of tasks – melt, hammer, roll, cut, file, sand, drill. 10456053_10204429092546763_5099067443778682039_n Relax into the making.

It doesn’t have to be grand to be good.

It just has to FEEL right.

Some days good is GREAT.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚




  3 Responses to “It doesn’t have to be grand or complex”

  1. this is so true!!!

    The urge to do, to move, to transform… I totally feel it too!

    The earrings are really nice and yes, totally wearable!

  2. I adore this post and its sentiment!

  3. What a beautiful insight to the movement of the muse within you. Thank you for another glimpse of how beauty lives. I wanna go solder something!