Jewelry Artists Network Retreat 2012


There were a lot of ins and outs this year – people who were in and then were out….some due to personal choices and some that were unavoidable (like health issues). While regrettable, it did give us a little more breathing room. And we were able to accommodate a couple of two – three days guests during the week.

We also had a first this year. Although the retreat was never intended to be a women only week, it has turned out that way each year..until this year.

when we were fortunate enough to have one of our good guy friends drop in for a couple of days. He made plans to stay at a nearby hotel and came during the day to hang out.

We had our usual supplies   – loads of chocolate and a lot of wine.

and of course, tools. Loads and loads of tools….
this is my set up, prior to actually working. It’s so clean.
And this is Rina’s area being set up….
and a shot across part of the garage, a few benches ready and several flexshafts on rigged flexshaft holders.
we all bring a lot of the same tools, our hand tools etc
and it’s interesting to see how we corral everything in our little studios away from studios….
Once we are all set up – by late Sunday evening or early Monday morning – the work begins!
and Tara
and Christy

and then, of course, at the end of the week – there are all of the pieces, spread out for all to see. These are some of Nancy’s…….

And Ann’s
And Tara’s
And Christy’s
And Rina’s
And Sue’s
And Saree’s
And Wendy’s
And Lisa’s (square rings were one of the ‘things’ this year)
We have a lot of fun, creating together, but also cooking and eating and hanging out…sharing, laughing, commiserating. We did have one little problem this year though.
I came out to my bench one morning to discover a crime scene:
MR Bill is still traumatized.
I am happy to report though, that chicken lived to see another day.
Although I suspect he is still traumatized as well.
Chicken actually ended up finding himself in some very odd places thereafter – a pickle pot, a kiln, someone’s bed….even in my tumbler!
Poor chicken.
And here we are all together on the last evening…….
We’re really not all that scary.
We just like to have fun. 🙂
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  4 Responses to “Jewelry Artists Network Retreat 2012”

  1. Where was everyone from? Were you all buddies before this?

  2. Very interesting. Need more. Info. Does anyone work in silver clay?

  3. Looks great! Is anything being taught there? Are beginners welcome?

  4. Let me know if you may have a cancellation for your Oct. retreat. It sounds wonderful. I would need to drive as I would have to bring a load of supplies and tools.

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