Jewelry Making Tutorials

We are actively building our Learning Center.  Whether you are looking for metalsmithing tutorials, wire jewelry tutorials, or other jewelry making tutorials…… can find them here. Please browse our selection of jewelry tutorials in the following sections:


FREE TUTORIAL – Dual Balled Ring 

Metal Jewelry Making Tutorials
Metalsmithing tutorials – both hot (soldering and fusing) and cold (riveting, etc) projects and techniques to make rings, earrings, and more!

Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials
Wire tutorials – Tutorials for techniques that use wire as the base and may include wrapping, cold forging, weaving, etc.

Other Jewelry Making Tutorials
*NEW* Resin Mosaic Tutorial


While attending classes & workshops might be ideal for most artists, there are often reasons that people can’t get to a class, or maybe there aren’t any near, or they are cost prohibitive (especially with travel added in, right??).

A great alternative is to learn through step by step jewelry making tutorials.

Jewelry Making Tutorials should be well written, clear, step by step, and incorporate sharp images to allow the user to work through a new technique with relative ease. The tutorials found here do just that!

This doesn’t mean that acquiring all skills is EASY, but that the jewelry making tutorials themselves should not be a stumbling block. Instead they should be a stepping stone enabling the user to understand, implement, and THEN – with practice – PERFECT a skill. And ultimately take the technique beyond the sample project.

If you ever have any questions about a tutorial, just use the contact page to let us know!

We welcome suggestions for new tutorials – let us know!

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