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The network is an online community of artists, who desire to share, learn, and grow.

We talk  technique, design, business, and more.

There are informational articles, tutorials, artist interviews, an inspirational gallery, videos, and occasional challenges and giveaways.

The aim is to inform, inspire, and encourage growth.

Many jewelry artists work in solitude in their studios and can benefit from interaction with other artists. The Jewelry Artists Network seeks to help artists make a connection.

Participation in the website is free. Commenting requires a free registration (due to the high volume of spam, sorry!). We offer free tutorials, tips, techniques, references, challenges, contests, giveaways.  In addition there are tutorials for purchase by various artists.

You can visit the Learning Center to find various tutorials for making jewelry or the Resources Page for charts, lists, vendors, and recommended reading. The videos page will share instructional, informational, and inspirational videos.

The network also offers a forum for those who want to be more involved. The forum is a a great resource, with everything archived and searchable and new content being added as people participate. With  established areas for various mediums (wire, metal, glass, etc), ‘show and tell’, and a structured critique space, the forum is great for those who want to dig deeper into their craft. ENROLLMENTS ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD.

The Network hosts a yearly retreat. More information may be found here.

*NOTE* We post and share photos, links, and excerpts and always strive to provide proper credit. We take copyright seriously and appreciate if you notify us of any possible infringement. We will remove the content while the issue is researched.

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