Dec 192012

I was listening to the radio on my way to DC yesterday and heard of a store that has just cleared out all Christmas items and put up Valentine’s Day items! It’s bad enough that V-Day is (was) 58 days away, but what is worse is that Christmas isn’t even here yet!!!!!!!! It made me think how  many people live always looking at the future. Looking towards things or marking schedules by things yet to come.

I know I do it to a certain extent. I think, “when I get past the holidays then I can work on my basement” – my head is three weeks down the road. Or I’m looking for that next paycheck, or the ‘whatever it may be’.  Sometimes, I realized, I’m not very ‘present’. And then I thought……….”hmmmmm, V-Day is 58 days away, should I be planning jewelry for that NOW so I’m ready THEN.?” I don’t normally plan seasonal collections or design or plan according to holidays, but I am beginning to think that way a little bit . However, that really only compounds my dilemma with living in the present. And it got me thinking of the designers who really DO make it a point to plan for the next season….Christmas, New Years, V-Day, Easter, Wedding Season, graduations, etc. and I wondered,


Or is it really not a ‘problem”?

Does constantly looking forward mean we can’t see where we are now?





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  1. Well, in addition to being a jewelry designer, I also work in a fashion boutique. And we deal with smaller companies, so we are actually in sync with the season, not swimsuits at Xmas, like the department stores. But we are still ordering in April for October. So as designers, we SHOULD probably be thinking and planning ahead, watching color and style trends.

    Not that I actually DO anything with the planning, and am still running along playing seasonal catch-up…….

  2. I actually am planning a bit because I’m doing a small event prior to valentine’s, but its not something i normally do for my business; i suspect i should! personally i’m planning ahead all the time – what i want to do for vacation, what i want to do with money, etc. its the way my head works, lol!

  3. Easter Buns were in the supermarket on Boxing day – there is definitely no rest periods any more.