My Booth Evolution

May 132010

We are going to be posting a series on show booths/displays so I thought I would go ahead and blog about my meager beginnings.

I have really just begun considering shows. I have taken part in one local show on three different occassions. It is a very small non-juried show, but nonetheless it requires some sort of booth. And tables. And displays.

oh my!

Knowing that I would one day begin to participate in shows/fairs, I had begun collecting some items over time. I purchased a couple of folding tables and two black tablecloths, some basic jewelry display items such as velvet necklace busts, bracelet t-bar, and plain black trays with velveteen inserts.

Then came earrings cards and carousel and business card holder and all the little things that I really didn’t think about at first.

Somehow I aquired the basics and finally, last fall, I bit the bullet and went out for my first little local show. Here is what my table looked like on that first occassion:

Jewelry Artists Network - show booths

My first little table

Jewelry Artists Network - Show booths

My first table sideshot. 🙂

Not too bad. Small, somewhat flat…VERY basic. NO real ‘pow’ or personality. But perfectly respectable.

I only had one table. And the details of the day are fuzzy. I was mildly traumatized by the whole thing – first time out and all. (kidding)

(sort of)

I do recall though that hardly any of my product was labelled. This was a definite buzzkill to the shoppers. I don’t think people like to have to ask, they like to be able to look and see for themselves.

I did the same little shindig a few weeks later. This time I brought TWO tables. Then, of course, I was faced with the problem, umm – challenge…umm – opportunity — to design an actual layout. (and the trauma continues!)

I decided to set them as a modified ‘T’ . This way I could discreetly use part of the back table for other items.

I didn’t prepare for two tables though and didn’t have enough black tablecloth so I made use of an old table cloth I found at home and ended up with a mismatched set up.

This is what the table(s) looked like on my second run:

Jewelry Artists Network - show booths

Two tables!

Jewelry Artists Network - Show booths

2nd table 🙂

 I think I liked the first show set up better!

There were some improvements though.

I bought table risers. They are GREAT! Your customers will thank you as they won’t have to bend over so much.

You will thank you as they might stay at your booth a little longer touching each and every one of your pretties!

In addition, I labelled and tagged EVERYTHING! I found people stayed longer and asked more questions. The lack of tagging at the first show was a direct result of my poor time management.  

As you see, I still didn’t have a tent, thank goodness the weather was clear and mild.

Stay tuned for my next post with more ‘things I learned’ as well as resources for purchasing display supplies, etc.




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  1. It’s a great start Janice! Just think, you are DOING it!
    While some of us still don’t have a booth…