May 282012

Finally, We have finished a leaf tutorial that we’ve had so many requests for!!

Jewelry Making Tutorial

This tutorial explains in detail how to create a very 3 dimensional leaf with just a few tools. Learn how metal moves in response to the hammer creating areas of work hardness.

Once you learn this, you can use the technique to create other forms. Included in the tutorial is an overview of annealing AND there is a bonus ‘quicky’ leaf tutorial included that requires no annealing – it is all cold worked.

This jewelry making tutorial has over 75 color photos that are clear and walk you through each step demonstrating exactly how the metal is moving. There are 26 pages and as this is an electronic transfer of the pdf file, you will have the ability to enlarge the pages to see the photos very close up.

This is a beginner level tutorial although others will find good information in there as well!

GO check out the tutorial now – Forged and Formed Leaf – Jewelry Making Tutorial on the Metalsmithing Tutorials page