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Now that we’ve begun wrapping up all the festivities of the winter and we’ve rung in the New Year (YAY! 2011) ……

Its time for many of us to begin thinking about resolutions. Many people hate that word. Don’t like it? Then how about thinking about   goals, new skills, or new challenges ?

I shared here and here about some of my plans/goals for me and my business and also a couple of challenges I’ll take part in this year.

Sharing your goals and plans with others is a great idea. Very often it does at least two things:

1. It solidifies them in your mind.

Its no longer just a figment of a thought or some fuzzy idea that you may or may not commit yourself to in the near future. It causes you to think in terms of goals that are actually attainable.

2. It creates accountability.

Its unlikely that I’ll contact you in 3 months and ask you how you’re doing on those goals (unless you want me to do so, in which case, use the contact tab above) and I’m certainly not going to ream you out for not getting ‘xyz’ done in a certain amount of time. But just knowing that I could might give you a push to follow through. Seriously though, if you share your goals with some friends they just might come along side you and check in – and you could do the same for them too.

Some tips for goals or resolutions


Make them reasonable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Baby steps might be small, but they ARE steps.And if you conquer them you will be more likely to


Don’t write a goal that uses words like ‘better’ or ‘some’ – examples:

I will lose some weight = BAD

I will lose 10 pounds 🙂

I will get better at setting stones = BAD

I will bezel set stones that have crisp clean bezels with no puckers or solder blobs or showing solder seams. 🙂

Set goals that you can measure – make sure there are actual objective points that you can measure (A pound vs ‘some’ — bezel setting specifics rather than ‘get better’)


Once you come up with a goal – break it down into steps

For instance

Lets look at the goal “I will lose 10 pounds”

The steps might be something like :

  • lose 1 pound a week
  • drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • exercise 3 times a week
  • create meal plan with daily calories of ‘abc’

Then you can simply follow the steps –  check your progress – AND  modify the steps as needed.

Now its your turn – share your goals with us – or a tip about goal setting  – just leave a comment below.

HAPPY 2011!




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  2 Responses to “New Year, New Ideas, New…..”

  1. I resolve to……….No I’m not going there, been there and done that numerous times. I have already started on the diet thing and am doing very well on the Weight Watcher’s thing, about a pound and a half a week. I just can’t will myself to be more creative, maybe more productive but not more creative. So I can’t resolve to be more creative but perhaps more productive but not with the price of silver so high. So what should one resolve to do, not kick the dog or cat, love the wife more, be kind to children and the lame or blind? Attend Church or Synagogue more often? Exercise more? So after many, many years of failing to keep my New Year’s Resolutions I no longer even try but best wishes to you on your’s though.

  2. Thank you!!! But I don’t believe you’ve rolled over to play dead — you have plans – goals, etc – we all do, whether you voice the or not. Sometimes I think the BIG year long goal type things are just too over whelming for some people. Smaller bite sized goals might work better – this week I’ll do this – etc. That is why I think if one does decide to formulate YEAR goals that they should break them down into small steps – work on those rather than lookng at the big picture and always feeling behind before they even start.