Mar 192010

I can often be heard saying that metalsmiths are great people. I say that because its TRUE!

Most of the metalsmiths that I know are very generous, warm, and caring people.

Don’t believe me? Then you need to check out Gabriel Craig.

Gabriel had done a series of ‘performance’ jeweler videos. As he put it:
“I proceeded to make, giveaway, and talk about jewelry. In this guerilla jewelry performance I fielded and posed questions to my audience and engaged them in my studio practice….|snip|…by making in public I was attempting to return studio jewelry to a state of vernacular understanding”

In my opinion, Gabriel gave something to the public, but also to us, his fellow makers. He is doing part of the job of educating the public. Something the handmade crowd talks alot about. Gabriel is ENGAGING in a unique, fun, and profound way.

Take a look – “Pro-Bono Jeweler” — part I




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  4 Responses to “Not your ordinary jeweler”

  1. What a great thing to do. I agree with him no one knows how to use there hands little lone their brains anymore. There is not enough hand done things anymore. Keep up the great work Gabriel.

  2. Okay, this is amazing!!! Gabriel’s idea is a real give-back to the world, and putting it on Youtube and brings it all around the web, a great way to share it. Thanks for sharing this Janice, it’s really inspiring.

    Just one question: HOW is his stuff so CLEAN? C’mon Gabe, if you do this number of times, we KNOW we’re gonna see corrosion on the pickle pot, burned flux on the board, crud in the quench water. Where’s the crud?

    So now, we have to invest in portable jeweler’s benches and get out there and share the joy!

  3. How fun and quirky this gentleman is! Thanks for sharing and making me think about the value of handcrafting….Very cool.