Apr 302013

As if the Synchroblog wasn’t enough, now we have another opportunity for you!



Every other month, beginning in May, we’re hosting a Design Challenge. There is no need to sign up, nothing to download, no requirement to take part every month. Just follow along and post your entry in the album for that particular month.

The goal is to have fun and stretch your skills! 🙂


NOTE: the challenge is to MAKE something based on the theme – not to upload a photo of previous work. Items submitted should be made FOR the challenge.





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  3 Responses to “One more thing to add to the list”

  1. Ok Janice- now you’ve rea;lly asked for it- I have so wanted to learn how to do a tension set ring and now I know you can do it- time for a lesson!

  2. I would also love to learn or at least see a tutorial on a how to on this type of ring

    • Hi Norma! I’ve had a tutorial in the works for so long for this ring! Maybe I can knuckle down and get it done. Thanks for commenting!