Mar 102010

Organization is a constant struggle for many of us. I have tried some things that don’t work so well and some things that do.

Today I’m sharing 5 things that work. (well, 3 that do and 2 that I think would be great!)

Organizational 'White Board'

1. Tool Cart – I do not have one of these, instead I use #3 below for most of my tools, but I’d love to have one – especially a bright blue one like this!

2. Tabletop Shelves – this is on top of my 8ft table. I have containers of bits and burs and some pliers etc stored here.

3. 4 drawer cart/drawer unit (I take the wheels off! and I have several that fit nicely under an 8 foot table. Loads of tools and supplies fit in these)

4. Divided storage bin – I love this for several reasons. Its clear. Its a two in one, its stackable. GREAT for ongoing projects.

5. Plant Flexshaft Hanger – I have one almost identical to this secured into the wall in my studio. Two flexshafts hang from it!

What are some of  your storage/organizational finds that actually work?

Which ones haven’t worked out so well?

Share with us!




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  1. Hi Janice – I too use alot of #3 and aspire to a #1 (do they come in pink?).

    I also use those clear plastic fisherman boxes – originally for fishing bait/tackle, but with lots of little seperate section that are just fab for keeping , crimps, jumprings, etc tidy.

    V x

    • Hi Vicky! I also use those little plastic boxes – I have somewhere around 8-10 of them and have swarovski crystals in them and silver spacers and bead caps. .. that sort of thing. One day I want a #1 ! A BIG one! 🙂


  2. My latest thrill in this arena? And this is because I always have more than one (often more than 7 or 8) project on the go! I bought a bunch of little containers – about 4″x5″ and a couple inches deep. All the bits and pieces that are going towards making any one project go in there. Then I’m not going around cussing cause I thought there were 6 stones for that and where is that bit of embellishment for this thing and so on. It’s kind of liberating.

    • Hey Rina! I think I saw some of those when I was up your way last weekend! Fabulous for keeping those little parts together and also from keeping those small stones from rolling away!

  3. Organization starts with the thought process.
    Simplify, distill, refine, focus.
    These are helpful words to keep in the back of one’s mind and apply to the thoughts behind the process. Whether engaging in hands-on work in the studio, or coordinating the tools and materials, every moment provides an opportunity to improve organization. It starts and ends with an attentive approach, refined attentiveness is mindfulness.

  4. Hey – the plant hanger is a nice touch! I’m using a rolling IV stand for my flexshaft. Those plastic roll-around carts are everywhere in my life from my bench to my bedroom to my desk at work. Very versatile! I have a toolbox like #1 above. It’s a red Craftsman I bought at Sears about 10 years ago — but it holds my household tools. Need another one for my jewelry tools. About a year ago I purchased a Craftsman tool drawer/work bench combo. The drawers are the correct depth for everything and there’s a wooden insert in the top as well as electrical plugins. I use the top as my flexshaft station and the drawers have everything organized from my caddy for my bits to my supply of silver to my hammers and the bottom drawer holds larger items such as my face shield. But, I will not purchase another Craftsman tool chest unless it is made in the USA. My large tool chest was USA made and the drawers open and close flawlessly. The combo unit was made in China and I spend a lot of time cussing because I often have to open an upper drawer to get the next drawer to open. 🙁 When I get back home I’ll have to plan my space in the garage (and that combo unit won’t be there :))

  5. I have two (repurposed) louvered doors that I attached to either end of the potting bench that I use. I fashioned hooks out of 10 ga brass, and hang my pliers, saw frame, small hammers from them. This keeps the tools I use constantly within reach, but off of my work surface.

  6. I work with vintage jewelry. I use a machinist tool box to store my ‘stash’ of pieces. There are tons of drawers so you can separate small items into categories.