Dec 072012

It has come to our attention that not everyone has been able to access all the Advent Calendar offerings. 🙁

When thinking about aligning this project with an Advent Calendar, a ‘real’ 24 hour day was used, and to create deals that were ‘flash’ style offerings, a 24 hour expiration was set for almost all of the deals.
Unfortunately this has created some situations where folks in different time zones have been unable to access the offerings with everyone’s schedules being what they are…..and oh my goodness it was never our intent for this to be restrictive according to locale. Our apologies!!

Moving forward we will try to revise everything to be available for an additional 24 hours. And next year we will be more aware of the intricacies associated with worldwide calendars/clocks !





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  4 Responses to “Our apologies”

  1. You mean to tell me that there is more than one time zone? Well by golly the world really is round!!! Or so I’ve been told.

  2. Thanks Janice! Bentiron – it makes for a fun New Years Eve when you live in Oz – you get to celebrate with your friends around the world for 48 hours and don’t need an excuse!

  3. yahoo, this looks like fun! Thanks Janice!

  4. That last comment was SUPPOSED to be for the scenic pendant – sorry for the confusion.
    Now to the topic at hand – so, if the world was flat, there’d be only one time zone? I never thought of that.