WINNER - Better late than never!

WINNER – Better late than never!

Very late, but done at last. Our number pick has come to pass. Only 3 were in it, and only one could win it Congrats to – SHARON who said: Well working in a steak house gives you an idea of what I did for Mother’s day….My mother recently passed so it was good to […]

New Jewelry Making Tutorial - Forged and Fored Leaves

New Jewelry Making Tutorial – Forged and Fored Leaves

Finally, We have finished a leaf tutorial that we’ve had so many requests for!! This tutorial explains in detail how to create a very 3 dimensional leaf with just a few tools. Learn how metal moves in response to the hammer creating areas of work hardness. Once you learn this, you can use the technique […]

Happy Mother's Day! (Giveaway)

Happy Mother’s Day! (Giveaway)

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Today, because it’s Mother’s Day, we’re going to kick off a string of Giveaways! The first is a book – Art of Seed Beading by Elizabeth Gourley, Jane Davis, and Ellen Talbot. It’s a hardback copy that came my way and I’ve held on to it even though seed beads aren’t my […]

Meet the Artist - Sally Sutherland

Meet the Artist – Sally Sutherland

I have the great pleasure of introducing you all to Sally Sutherland – Metalsmith and Lampwork Artist. I am  a true fan, owning several of her lampwork pieces. Tell us a bit about yourself……(where you are from, was art part of your upbringing) I was raised in on the Norfolk coast (Norfolk in the UK) […]

MJSA Vision Awards

MJSA Vision Awards

Deadline for 2012 Vision Awards Contest Set; New Distinction Categories Added The deadline for entries to the 2012 MJSA Vision Awards competition has been set: Dec. 15, 2011. The annual competition, which celebrates outstanding talent in the field of jewelry design, will this year feature two new Distinction categories—Platinum Distinction, sponsored by Platinum Guild International, […]

Pricing – the ongoing challenge

Conversations about pricing seem to come up a LOT in forums around the internet. There are many different formulas that can be used, and we’ll present several of them in the near future, but for now lets get the ball rolling by considering working for free. Often new artists wonder about donating work or giving […]