Day 11 - Another Giveaway! (Winner Announced)

Day 11 – Another Giveaway! (Winner Announced)

– WINNER ANNOUNCED!                                  #88 Mary Harrington says:                  I would be a 1, although I have done some welding/soldering many years ago. Feel like an absolute beginner! I would love to win this kit! Thanks for the opportunity!                  Today is another giveaway!                  A basic soldering set up, including:                   a micro butane […]

Day 10 – Stone Setting & More

Today we’ve compiled a list of stone setting “tutorials” for you! Bezel – stamped and stepped Flush Another look at flush setting Tube Setting – a quick look Another “tube setting” tutorial – not what you think! Bead Setting Pave Pure inspiration Pendant in the making – with Hans Oh and a few more, different […]

Day 9 – Something is fishy around here

I stumbled on this fabulous step by step tutorial the other day and thought it would be great to share the link for the Advent Calendar.                                  This has no expiration date unless the artist – the lovely Catherine Chandler – should move or delete the files.                                         Cuttlefish (Bone) Casting                                          

Day 8 and we’re late, we’re late

Again, apologies are needed, we’re late! Hopefully you will accept our apologies (again) and bear with us as we run through the first year of this calendar!! Today is another educational offering  – perfect for a Saturday – so download the Scenic Pendant Tutorial and find permission to experiment!! Now get  in your studios and […]

Our apologies

It has come to our attention that not everyone has been able to access all the Advent Calendar offerings. 🙁                                 When thinking about aligning this project with an Advent Calendar, a ‘real’ 24 hour day was used, and to […]