Day 7 - 'Facet'nation with stones

Day 7 – ‘Facet’nation with stones

Our facet-nation with stones continues! Gem Resources International features quality stones at great prices. Whether you are looking for faceted stones or cabs, lab grown or natural, Gem Resources has it. Now offering 30% everything on their website in a special 24 hour flash sale. Sale starts now, hurry over: Enter ‘holiday2012’ in comments […]

Day 6 – Wire Wonderfulness

Today the amazing Perri Jackson is offering us her heart.                                      Her tangled love heart pendant tutorial that is….                                                        It’s truly a thing of beauty. Perri has created a download page just for you, but just for today…….so hop on over and grab the download. And be sure to check out Perri’s other tutorials. […]

Day 5 – Findings, Tools are More – Oh my!

Special for you —  from Fundametals.                                     Quality tools and unique supplies, fast shipping. We love Jewelry Art and endeavor to assist you in fulfilling your creative dreams. Just for you- Use code day5 for 20% off.                                     Good for 48 hours from today, 1 use per customer. Sorry does not include the Swanstrom disc […]

Advent Teaser………

I can’t say EXACTLY what’s coming, because, really – isn’t not knowing part of the fun!!????                                    Yes, come on – it’s FUN! 😉                                    But it might also be fun to have some little teasers along the way. Soooooo, here are some things that might get you thinking…….                                    Video – Torch Enameling with […]

Advent Day 4 - Inspiration & a Challenge

Advent Day 4 – Inspiration & a Challenge

Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. Other art forms, nature, architecture, clothing, technology, and so much more.                                    As someone who reads a lot of home design and DIY blogs, I find more and more that the design projects I see immediately inspire jewelry designs. I save many of these posts for the […]

Advent 2012 – Day 3

Most jewelers I know have one thing in common – a love of stones!                                  In fact, many of us could quite possibly, and most accurately, be called hoarders!                                     I began hoarding stones when I came upon Ric Shipmen’s stones. Ric is the lapidary artist behind CR Designs Idaho. Ric is also a jewelry […]