May 132010

Its Giveaway time!!

Not everyone can purchase a foredom flexshaft when they are starting out – or even when they are down the road a ways….and even if you can, or already have one, its sometimes nice to have a more portable unit.

So, for those who don’t have one or want an extra/backup/portable option… just leave a comment telling us what your favorite finishing tool/item/technique is at the present and we’ll send a brand new lightweight rotary tool kit.

We’ll leave comments open for 1 week and then we’ll have a random drawing for the winner! If you don’t want to enter but want to leave a comment re: your favorite tool/item/technique – PLEASE do so and just note that you’re opting out of the drawing!

The rotary tool is similar to this one:

Jewelry Artists Network Giveaway

Rotary Tool Kit


  • 16,000 RPM
  • 1/8″ collet
  • Spindle lock for easy collet changes

and comes with: 25 cutoff wheel discs, 1 mandrel for cutoff wheels, 4 polishing cloth wheels, 1 mandrel for polishing cloths, 1 carbide burr, 4 drill bits, 4 piece collet set, 2 sanding drum wheels, 4 sanding drum sleeves, 1 mounted nylon brush, 2 wire brush wheels (steel and brass), 10 aluminum oxide mounted grinding stones, 1 grinding stone, 20 diamond burr bits







  14 Responses to “Polish, grind, shine!”

  1. My favorite finishing “tool” is the tumbler. Why? Because I’ve never used anything else! The first time the instructor pulled my piece out for me and my jaw literally dropped at how shiny it at had gotten. Amazing! Would love to try this thing out though – reminds me of this gadget my mom had to do her nails when I was little…

  2. I do love my tumbler for finishing, but I also love my nail files. I use the black gritty nail files to help me get my edges clean before moving on to my “real” jewelers files.

  3. My favorite finishing tools has to be my miniature grinder takes a 3 inch wheel she has a big brother in the garage. LOL she fits nicely on my polishing table along side the 2 barrel tumbler.

  4. There’s an amazing knife-edged silicone polishing wheel that I use for cleaning up my bezels when I’m done – I call them ‘Pinkies’ though that’s not their technical name. Otto Frei sells them – Italian pink gold high shine polishing wheels (yup, say that five times real fast! NOT!). They fit in my Dremel/flexshaft, and literally erase scratches in bezels. I LOVE the way they finish my pieces!!

  5. My tumbler is the ultimate clean-up at the moment, after the use of my now ratty looking fine sandpaper sets. I have a Dremel but don’t have the proper bits for cleaning and I’m not sure what to order.

  6. Love my mini muslin buffs loaded with bobbing compound and rouge. They are the greatest. But. you have to get the one that are stitched down. The loose ones don’t do it.

  7. I love Spectrum Finishing Paper (rio #337-216). I bought a set in Tucson a few years ago and loved the product. Now, as a disclaimer I do like to finish by hand – it takes very little time and working your way thru the grits: 600 – 4000, is very satisfying (for me). These papers leave no mess (think LOS removal).

  8. oh – forgot…opting out of the drawing.

    and – for finishing garage sale, flea market or perhaps improperly used hammers I put a (free) mini-tutorial on my blog (think that’s the url….)

  9. I love the 3M radial disks. I have not been getting nearly as messy lately.

  10. I use different grits of sandpaper, polishing cloths and compounds til I get a high shine. Mag polish gives the best shine 🙂

  11. My tumbler. Hands down. Hands down doing something more productive while the tumbler polishes. 🙂

  12. Tumbler, fine files, Dremel, whatever works.

  13. My favourite tool is my torch because without it wouldn’t make much 🙂

  14. My sanding sticks. They are cheap paint stirrers wrapped in different grades of sandpaper. I just tear off the used face, and repeat until it is all gone, then recover 🙂 They range from 80 grit up to 1200 grit.