Nov 142012

There has been some conversation regarding drilling lately and a couple of quick videos. These prompted several conversations about various drilling topics – one was lubricant.

It might be interesting to see what everyone is using these days. Please mark your choice below and also leave a comment, we’d love to know what you use and why. 🙂




  5 Responses to “Poll – Which do you use?”

  1. I mostly use bees wax but also have sewing machine oil handy for the occasional steel article that needs to be drilled. Sewing machine oil is a very light weight oil that is also handy for lubricating the flex shaft motor. Spit is good for the saw blade and nose/ear oil is good for the end of your repousse tools and it right there handy especially in the summer. I know sounds gross but it is really good stuff and will knock the head right off a glass of beer or root beer.

  2. I voted for bur life, but in reality I keep a tube of bur life in my tool kit and use it when I’m away from home, I keep a cake of bees wax on my bench for use at home, and I recently started using liquid bur life sometimes.
    I used an old hacksaw to cut some steel recently, and I lubed it with Pam spray from the kitchen. It was fantastic, I may saturate a small sponge with some and keep it at the bench to wipe a bit or blade on.

    Bentiron – knock the head off beer with nose oil? Am I missing something?

  3. I use bur life and a little block of wax that came with my jewelers bench. Sometimes I use spit.

  4. I use the LIQUID Bur Life the most. It works better for stopping chatter when burring seats than the solid, and it stays on better on a saw blade, especially if it’s cold in the studio. However, I also use the wax from the little individual cheeses, Bon something or the other. It’s a red wax. Sticks to a saw blade great and also makes a good pick stick for picking up stones. A glob of spit works in a pinch, and nobody uses your saw! Will have to try the Pam. Regular or olive oil?