Rockin’ it out

Mar 162010

I love rockin’ it out when I’m working at my bench. With my little teeny tiny, oh-so-cute, purple ipod.

But that isn’t exactly what I have in mind with today’s post.

I am thinking about rockin’ it out with cabs.

Beautiful CRDesigns Idaho


CRDesigns Idaho



designer cut



Hidden under our feet…..overlooked.

Dug from out of the earth.

And turned into something beautiful by talented lapidary artists.

 Who knew that I’d ever go this gaga over rocks?

Life never ceases to amaze me. 😉


 EDIT: All cabs shown in this post are available
from Ric of 
CR Designs Idaho. He’s a great guy to buy from!




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  5 Responses to “Rockin’ it out”

  1. AAh magical stones!

  2. Beautiful stones, and I couldn’t help but notice, beautiful photos, too! I’m always impressed by your photos.
    Great photos, great rocks, great music, great combo! (I love purple.)