Sep 172010

While conversing with some wonderful artist friends, the topic of blogging and RSS came up.

Most people are now familiar with a blog – a web log – shortened to blog. Its an online journal of sorts.

When people subscribe to your blog, they are getting a ‘feed’ — the blog is coming to their email or to a reader.

It comes via ‘RSS’  which is ‘really simple syndication’.

A reader is a service that allows you to get all your blogfeeds in one place. You can read the content right there for the most part.

Wiki can explain it all better than I can -> RSS ON WIKI

People use different methods of tracking favorite blogs, there is the google connect gadget, there are bookmarks, RSS, email subscriptions, readers, etc.

I like to corral not only my favorite blogs, but also my favorite websites, Etsy shops, etc. with a ‘reader’. With a reader you can add not only blog feeds, but a ton of other web content feeds.

Anywhere you see the now familiar RSS icon, you can ‘grab’ the feed and receive updates direct to your reader whenever there is a content update.

But what if you want to respond to a blogpost? No worries, your reader will have a live link you can use to get there.

I use Google Reader, its very user friendly.  Here are some screen shots to help you see how I do it.

I’ll use my Etsy shop as an example.

First, find the little RSS icon.

click it.

That should take you to a page that looks like this:

When you are there, you will have a drop down box that allows you to select how you would like to subscribe. (I use Google Reader, so I would select that.)

Making that selection will add the feed to my reader and also take me directly to my reader.

Once in reader, if there is another website or blog that I know I would like to subscribe to, I can do it right from the homepage of my google reader (if I have the web address or url). Google will import the feed.

You want to find where it says ‘add subscription’.

click that.

Then you will get a pop up where you can enter the url.

you can try this with any url, the worst that will happen is that google will tell you it can’t find a feed for that url or it can’t find content. Sometimes it will offer to create a feed for you. So nice. 🙂

*~* NOTE: I did this in mozilla firefox — it may look a little different in different browsers. *~*

The Jewelry Artists Network feed can be obtained on the sidebar, or just grab it here.

RSS and feeds are obviously helpful to you, you don’t have to run around visiting all of your happy places to stay up to date. You can do it from the comfort of one home page.

But how is it helpful to your business? What can RSS do for your business?

Stay tuned for the next post to find out!

Questions? Leave in the comments section or use the contact tab above. We’re not computer whiz kids here but we’ll try to help!




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  1. I have found subscribing about as easy as posting pictures, that’s not really true, how many pictures have I posted? 🙁