Jan 062015

Seems like many of us struggle with social media. We know we need to use it to enhance our business and many of us use at least one platform for personal enhancement as well. 😉 And MANY of us also feel overwhelmed at times.

Which ones to use, how to use them, pros, cons and how do we stop getting a bajillion alerts every day (hour?) (minute?)?

We’ll share some of our tips and maybe answer some questions, so please take a look at our first video about Facebook notifications and then comment below with any questions you may have.





  2 Responses to “Social Media Overload?”

  1. Janice – Thanks for this great tip. It will be very useful.
    Happy New Year!
    Judy Whitfield in Texas

    • You are welcome Judy!! 🙂 I have a few more coming very soon! [when I see people asking the same question over and over and I have a possible solution, then I’ll post it here!]