Nov 292012

How we use our bench pins is as individual as we are. Some people primarily use the flat side up while some prefer the sloped side. There are those of us who drill and saw and modify our bench pins and those who like them just the way they come out of the box.

Let’s look at first things first – which way do you insert it?





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  6 Responses to “Studio Poll – Bench Pins – which way is up?”

  1. I make my own out of walnut scraps I got many years ago from a cabinet maker friend and they last very well. I use a separate block of oak for drilling holes that I place on top of my bench pin. I also have a small vise from the late 1890s that I can clam onto my bench pin, pretty handy to have it there when I need it.

  2. I use mine almost exclusively flat side up. I start with an undrilled blank, I drill a hole in the middle, then cut out a V to the front edge. I shape two legs from the front edge of the V. Each one of those legs are shaped to hold rings, with a slit in the middle. This makes it easier for certain types of setting or sawing/filing for sizing. I have several holes in the main part of the pin for holding the posts of earrings I’m setting.

  3. Me too, flat side up and alter as I need it. Mine usually starts out blank. I only add a small V in front, a hole for posts and wires, and a groove across the width for wire, piece edges, or whatever. I add notches or other things if I need to later. I drill on a separate board to save the pin.

  4. I actually use multiple bench pins, but voted flat side up because it is most common way I use it!