Apr 072010

We are issuing our first challenge.


Throwing down the gauntlet!


Daaaaaring you to create!




OK, well, that might be pushing it.

Sorry, its just that its exciting!

Our first challenge since updating the website!


Your mission, should you chose to accept it….




ok, ok…….guidelines, topic, materials, deadlines….details, details, details

OK, how about this –

In honor of Earth Day (April 25th)

the first challenge is to create a piece of jewelry using

something upcycled

(recycled, upcycled….something).

And NOT a recycled jewelry component or material.

Think OUTside the box.

You must use a decidedly UNjewelry type material.

Hunt around your house, scrounge the street…

Find something unusual, unique, utterly un-jewelry

and then create something fabulous.

Entries must be submitted by midnight (EST) on April 30th

to be considered eligible.

A totally unbiased bunch of bench jewelers will judge the creations primarily on creative use of upcycled material 

(execution will be considered but only ancillary to the above – so if you’re a new jewelry maker – don’t be intimidated!)

Winner will receive……

bragging rights and the praise and adoration of the rest of us ! ! !

Their name in lights! (or some flashy font) on the website here with links etc.

and the honor of choosing our next challenge topic (if they would like)

(and maybe a little somethin’-somethin’ else)

 Submit entries in jpg, bmp, or TIFF format using the contact form below:


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