NEW – Free Jewelry Making Tutorial – Wire Flower Earrings

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Dec 172015

Wire Flower Earrings Tutorial

This is a FREE Jewelry Making Tutorial!

These earrings are  super quick and look GREAT on. AND they compliment a variety of face shapes and hair lengths.

You can make the earwires short or long and alter the size of the flowers themselves.

Free Jewelry Making Tutorial Free Jewelry Making Tutorial


In the flip photo video below you will see how these cute and lightweight flower earrings are made.

Materials – 20 ga wire

Tools – bail making pliers, flat pliers, chain nose pliers, handshear/scissors/snips, rawhide mallet

Optional – LOS, tumbler/polish

The flipphoto above shows how to make the flower component although when the flower is ‘done’ I usually use a mallet to lightly flatten which I did not show.

Then you just add an earwire and finish to your liking.

General Overview

  1. Use bail making pliers to begin wrapping a piece of 20ga wire. Wrap 6 times.
  2. Remove the coil from the pliers
  3. Take the long end and fold it over the coil, press flat with pliers
  4. Wrap this wire around the coil twice
  5. Cut close with flush cutters (Xuron are my faves!)
  6. Bend the end in with chain nose pliers
  7. Cut the other end (if needed), bend over as well
  8. Use your fingers to pull apart the coils
  9. Use flat pliers to grip down at the bottom of a petal, rotate the petal down
  10. Repeat on all petals
  11. Use fingers to adjust/tighten
  12. Use mallet to gently tap the flower down
  13. Add an earwire and finish your way!

Alternately, you can leave a long wire extending on one end and bend that up into an earwire so the earring start to finish is one continuous wire. 🙂


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