May 262010

Portland OR – Someone has come into some older jewelry equipment that they have no use for.

Per the person:
I don’t have any other knowledge of the equipment- they were not mine originally, and I have no skills- so a buyer would basically have to be an artist who knows his/her stuff.
It all looks practically new, except for the dust collected while sitting in the garage. As far as pricing goes….60% of the original cost seems a reasonable starting point to me. With the exception of the steam cleaner, all of the exact same models are still produced and distributed at the original prices by the manufacturers.There are good pictures and info about the tools on the companies’ websites, though.

1) Pepe Tools Double-Spindle Euro Polisher (for rings) Model 332 + Dust Collector + Pro Discs/Tools Set (orig. approx. $700) — sell for $450.00
(2) Optima Jr. Steam Cleaner Model 1400 (orig. $289)- discontinued model, so not online — sell for $75.00
(3) Quantrex L&R Model Q140H (orig. $420) — sell for $250.00
(4) Blue Star Electro-Plating Machine Model 500 (orig. $335) — $200.00

re: pricing – ‘will entertain all reasonable offers’

CONTACT the seller directly:

acarter_1 [!at]


Ohio Jewelry Business for sale!

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Apr 082010

If you are in the Columbus area or looking to move….you might consider a business opportunity for a jewelry store that is already up and running.

Gustavo Hoef is relocating and therefore is selling his jewelry business.

“the shop has been quite a success in 5 years of building a steady
clientele for custom bridal and repairs in columbus ohio”

If you are interested, please contact us using the tab up top – we’ll put you in touch with him via email.

Here is his post on Orchid.