Mar 072010
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Yesterday was spent in Philly. Or thereabouts. ūüôā

More like the town of Chester. Only about an hour and 45 minutes away is the studio of my friend Rina. . . and yesterday we came from far and wide and joined together in Rina’s amazing studio to spend a day absorbed in creative endeavors.

OK, ok, maybe that’s stretching it a bit. We came from MD, Jersey, the Poconos….and down the street. But we did spend an amazing day together!

We were absorbed

and we kept Rina in her studio from before noon until well into the night. I left at 9pm and they were just getting started on grinding/moifying gravers!

jewelry artists network,


During the day, Gary went over several different kinds of chains

jewelry artists network, chain

and we enjoyed looking at each others work

jewelry artists network


And some of us also did some inspecting….

jewelry artists network



HOW was that done????

¬†Jennifer was able to show off a respectable piece of chain that she worked on ….

jewelry artists network


          Our hands got dirty      jewelry artists network

Close up look at a graver in use

and we generally had a really good time!

jewelry artists network


maybe something from this table….????

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            More photos to come later!!